Brandon Prust Transaction History

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Feb 3, 2016
Vancouver Canucks Vancouver CanucksBrandon PrustMinors
Jul 1, 2015
Vancouver Canucks Vancouver CanucksBrandon PrustTraded from MTL
Jul 1, 2012
Montreal Canadiens Montreal CanadiensBrandon PrustSigned to Standard Contract
Jul 3, 2010
New York Rangers New York RangersBrandon PrustSigned to Standard Contract
Feb 2, 2010
New York Rangers New York RangersBrandon PrustTraded from CGY
Jun 27, 2009
Calgary Flames Calgary FlamesBrandon PrustTraded from ARI
Mar 4, 2009
Arizona Coyotes Arizona CoyotesBrandon PrustTraded from CGY
Jul 1, 2008
Calgary Flames Calgary FlamesBrandon PrustSigned to Standard Contract
Jun 27, 2004
Calgary Flames Calgary FlamesBrandon PrustDrafted