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Can everyone stop saying that teams like the Devils and Rangers have "passed" the Sabres in their respective rebuilds? Not a single game has been played yet this season. Seems very premature to say either of those teams have a "much stronger team." But even if that turns out to be true, neither of these teams truly tore down their roster like the Sabres did in 2014 (when the true rebuild started), so it's really not fair to compare them. They've also made the playoffs much more recently than the Sabres, and were NEVER as bad as the Sabres were at the start of the rebuild.

Let's also not forget that both of those teams' seasons lie on the backs of many unproven talents (Hughes, Gusev, Kakko, Kravtsov, etc). Remember when everyone penciled Buffalo in for the playoffs in the 2015 offseason after they acquired ROR, Kane and Lehner, and had two promising rookies in Eichel and Reinhart coming up? Injuries, team chemistry, and overall luck are huge factors in a team's success, and nobody really knows how good a team is going to be until the season starts.

I think it's hilarious that every time there's a move in the league, people **** on Botts for not doing anything even though he's acquired MoJo, Jokiharju, Vesey, and Miller for peanuts. They're not stars, but they're legitimate upgrades to the roster. The reason why the rebuild has taken so long is because GMTM rushed it by signing big-name players while ignoring the depth and defensive issues on the team. It's really been two rebuilds: one rushed attempt, and one cleaning up the other's mess.
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