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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ajp_18</b></div><div>Not at all... Halak is a backup not a starter anymore and if anyone signs him to that contract they will be regretting it very soon after, Point wouldn’t const both Savard and Anderson. Savard is also better then Braun is and I’m pretty sure he’s younger too. Milano would be extremely lucky to get that contract after struggling to make the NHL and get consistent ice time until this year he also hasn’t ever played a top 6 role in his career, so no need to pay him like one.

This has to be a troll post, no way you actually think this roster is better then the current team if you don’t win the lottery and get Lafreniere.

I’d suggest sticking to Edmonton. You have no clue on other teams.</div></div>

Both of those players are struggling pretty heavily, Colton Point is a hell of a prospect and will be a starter eventually which work great in tandem with Halak who has been posting starter tier numbers the last few seasons in Boston. In terms of Savard versus Braun age is a about the only thing he has going for him. Braun has way better possession and defensive metrics. San Jose kept moving defenders out like Demers, Demelo, Douglas Murray and Dan Boyle to keep him, it was only until someone named Erik Karlsson came in that they had to part ways. He'd be the perfect partner for Murray to unlock his offensive edge if remaining healthy. Milano is on a 1 year bridge deal, not many teams would object to taking that deal considering the top 6 is wide open.