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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sagecoll</b></div><div>I....can't even begin.

Usually I just like to engage in intelligent discussions on here. And since you've revealed your intelligence here. I don't think a discussion is necessary. Welcome to the ignore list.</div></div>

You're an idiot, who cars what you think or what list you put me on. You're ignoring everything I stated that already proved "your opinions" wrong. First off lovely chart, but Kreider's value is much more than speed and you're not taking into account the absolute beast Kreider is physically. Signing Kreider for five years and not six or seven is perfect.

Strome is playing like the top 5 pick he was drafted as and is a point per game player. Centres like that don't grow on tree's moron. What's wrong with having three good lines, the 3rd line centred by Chytil?

Signing DeAngelo to a longer contract when he's no longer an RFA could hamstring the Rangers from trading him when many of their young talented D-men (that are better defensively) are ready to play in the NHL.

What ever "your opinion" of Hank is, no team is trading a 1st round pick for him unless NYR retains half his salary, which is exactly what I'm proposing dummy.

If The Rangers could get more in trade for Andersson - Great! But I'd rather have Zibanejad, Strome, Chytil, and Barron, (as well as Howden - though he's found his game and playing fantastic on the wing), then Andersson. The first three are obvious and you're an idiot if you believe Andersson is better than any of them. Barron is one of the best college centres in college hockey and might be ready for the NHL as soon as next season. And AJ Greer (unlike Andersson) is a great team player who realises, "the name on the front of the jersey is a heck of a lot more important the the name on the back." AJ Greer also played for Quinn at BU.

Sooo basically when an ignorant fool like you puts me on their ignorant list, it's actually a great honour!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sagecoll</b></div><div>These are all pretty terrible ideas across the board from
1) Resigning Kreider
2) Resigning Strome
3) Bridging Deangelo
4) Massively underselling Hank
5) Trading for an older, worse version of Lias

Were you trying to improve the team?</div></div>

"Am I trying to improve the team?" Why yes, yes I am...

1- "Resigning Kreider"... Kreider is a dynamic player who's speed, physicality, and net front presence, will be practically impossible to replace. Kreider is one of the best athletes in the league and I don't believe his game will fall off over the next 5 years. What UFA's or players available in trade have the unique talent type of Chris Kreider? Nobody! Players of his ability are rarely traded and are most often locked up to a contract long before ever becoming a UFA.

2- "Resigning Strome"... Strome has played like the top 5 draft pick that he is since being acquired by NYR. Panarin is having the best year he's ever had in the NHL with Strome as his centre. Playing with Panarin, Strome is a point per game player and no other centre has ever made Panarin a better player - which is why Panarin has the highest stat total he's ever had and is playing in his 1st All-star game this season. And Panarin has played with some rather talented (Stanley Cup winning) centres in the past, but none have made him a better player than Strome.

3- "Bridging DeAngelo"... After DeAngelo's bridge deal concludes, DeAngelo will still be a RFA and will have the highest trade value - compared to any longer term contract. At the end of his bridge deal, NYR can determine if they want to resign him or trade him if the younger D-men prospects currently developing in the system prove worthy enough of playing in the NHL. Not to mention, bridge deals seem to keep players hungry and have a way of bringing out their best efforts.

4- "Massively Underselling Hank"... Only underselling Hank if COL picks up all of his $8.5 million contract or $7 million of it. Shane Bowers was a 1st round pick and played for Coach Quinn at BU. And this years draft is supposed to be very deep with talent, so regardless of how late in round one COL picks - there should be a good player available.

5- "Trading for an older, worse version of Lias"... AJ Greer is nothing like Lias Andersson. AJ is a physical force, can drop the gloves to protect teammates, could also develop into a good scorer - especially under Coach Quinn's tutoring for whom he played for at BU, and (unlike Mr. Andersson) AJ has absolutely no problem playing on the 4th line.