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Thread: Torque Meter
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>delneggs</b></div><div>OK, lets try this a different way. I agree everyone should get a second chance. Brendan Smith did and made the most of it. Kravstov did and was doing his time in Hartford working on improving his game instead of pouting about not making the NHL. But neither of them quit mid-game and walked out on their team and teammates. Can you tell me a legit reason Lias quit mid-game and walked out on his team and teammates and went back to Sweden, one where he deserves a second chance? After all, Quinn is all about a meritocracy and earning your ice time. What is the reason Lias deserves a second chance? And being a 1st round pick isn't a good reason.

And also consider this.....if they were to just let Lias come back to training camp like nothing happened, and try out for the team, what does that say to a kid like Chytil who took his demotion at the beginning of the year and worked his ass off to get better in Hartford, and then made the most of his opportunity when he got called up? No, there has to be consequences for just walking out like Lias did. if not, than Quinn's whole message will be BS. Unless Lias comes up with some legit reason he walked out, like he had a metal breakdown and needed psych care, he doesn't deserve a second shot with the Rangers.</div></div>

Andersson had injuries to his feet when he limped off the team back to Sweden. But I'm sure he'll say sorry and please and maybe that's enough for Andersson to get his 2nd chance.
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Thread: Torque Meter
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Thread: Torque Meter
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Thread: Torque Meter
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