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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ricochetii</b></div><div>Heard they wanted a good prospect, but that's subjective anyway. Did not hear Kravtsov would report to AHL. Why not do it for the Rangers?</div></div>

Good question... From what I understand Kravtsov last season used his out clause to play in the KHL for a salary in the million(s) range instead of the low AHL salary. Allegedly Drury told the team that Kravtsov had quit the team and went back to Russia.

Kravtsov though had no out clause in his contract for this season. Kravtsov was under the impression from comments and actions made by the organization that he was going to make the team out of training camp...

When Buchnevich was traded, the Rangers claimed their rationale for trading him was the salary cap and also to give young players like Kakko, Laffy, and Kravtsov, more playing time. The Rangers also told Kravtsov not to attend rookie camp, which further gave the impression that he was going to make the NHL team.

But when the final cuts were made and the season opener against Wilson and Washington was around the corner. The Rangers went with Tinordi’s toughness in the starting line up and Lundkvist, Hunt, and Hajek, as the three scratched players.

Kravtsov was extremely unhappy and didn’t report to the AHL because he mistrusts Drury. Kravtsov stated at that point that he would report to another teams AHL team if traded, but not to the Rangers AHL affiliate.

He later said after the Rangers granted permission for him to play in the KHL this season that he hopes to be able to report to the Rangers after the KHL regular season or playoffs conclude. So there’s still hope that things can somehow get worked out, but most likely he’s traded unless every NHL team extremely low balls the Rangers in trade requests.

Hope that explains it.
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