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Thread: next year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>here is the thing. They need cap savings somewhere if they are going to make the roster work. And he's better than anything else they have at that price range.
If you are going to say this is it. This is the last rebuild chance for a cup. You have nothing to lose giving him a try.

I don't think they really like him at center. He and Blueger have the same problem. They both suck at faceoffs. Which is why I suggested maybe Kahun who is better at them in the small sample we have.
I would say they go out and get a 3C. But if we are being honest about the cap numbers, it's really hard to do that next year.
So they have to go with what they got. I think they try Hallander or Nikita maybe and give the 3C to Blueger who is a natural defensive center. Or maybe go with Kahun and let Blueger center the 4th line.

But they need a better faceoff guy, they don't have cap for it.

Here is the thing on Murray. How he plays at the end of the year will dictate a lot. If he plays lights out, he's probably looking at 6 with term.
From what I have seen, he's not there yet, but lets be honest they haven't been playing great in front of him either.
There is cap space to give him the 5.5M. But I think a show me deal is what is coming. Both guys are still RFA, and they are going to have to make a choice. After next year you can take both those cap hits, combine them and you are probably looking at your Goalie cap hit for one of them and then DeSmith comes up.
But I think both know the cap is in a crunch, and that next year is going to be make or break in whatever direction they go. If they sign one of them to a huge contract and they doesn't play well, it makes it really hard to send them to Seattle. It's best they go there as a RFA needing a contract. Then they can decide if they wants to stay in Seattle with them signing a contract or do a 1 year deal and get out of there on the open market.</div></div>

i mean i get what u mean but we dont NEED to try him out next year id love to dont get me wrong but we really dont need to if he aint ready id like to not screw up his development