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Jun 23, 2018
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>Calgary can keep him, no way the Avs give up that for a guy that disappears in the playoffs and is east coast bound in 2 yrs.</div></div>
I really hate this narrative that he disappears in the playoffs. Sure he gets locked down more in the playoffs but he still creates plays, and any playmaker is gonna look bad if their linemates refuse to get open, or are unable to finish if they are. His shooting percentage even excluding the empty netter was what you would expect from him, you just generally expect him to get double or triple the amount of assists, which is more on the guys he's playing with since he was putting in the effort and creating some quality chances. Could he have been a little better? Maybe, but Johnny isn't the guy who should be blamed for the loss. On the Avs he's easily a 100+ point player consistently and without the pressure of having to run the entire offense solo he's sure to thrive. Also why does everyone expect him to leave for the east in 2 years just because he's from there? He's literally on the record as saying he loves Calgary and could see himself playing his whole career here, not everyone is desperate to go back where they came from, otherwise Toronto would have Stamkos and a plethora of other stars lmao, that's another narrative that makes absolutely no sense just in general. Another point--2 years is not a rental, that's a significant amount of time, you could literally win 2 cups with him even if he does end up walking after. Coleman essentially fetched two 1sts for a year and a bit, 2 full years at an affordable price tag of a star like Gaudreau would cost at least the package I mentioned and give the Avs easily the most dangerous offense in the league. Don't try to get a star for peanuts and then complain when he costs a significant amount.