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Thread: Next season
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tintin</b></div><div>You're fine on the cap 100% but the UFA signings you made are kinda nonsensical.
I'd bet that Foote, Thompson, Gritsyuk and Zetterlund would collectively provide a lot more value for the Devils over the group of UFAs you brought in.
If anything the Devils should be looking at one major acquisition with term limited to 3 years next off-season in order to actually improve the team, Patrik Kane 2x8m anyone?
Tarasenko, Pacioretty and Bunting could also be some really good UFA targets.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pretzelcoatl</b></div><div>This. Why would we overpay ZAR and Haula when Gritsyuk and Boqvist could be orders of magnitude better</div></div>

In this scenario I wanted to move Mercer to 3C so that already moves Boqvist in best case to 4C. Does he really have the defensive side to be a grind it out shut down 4C? probably not. Not saying Haula can either. I'll concede if Gritsyuk has a good 22/23 season and is NHL ready, in that case he can have JVR's spot on line 3 saving 5mill. The only reason really for the Haula re-sign / ZAR &amp; JVR signing is to "surround the kids with adults" - TF

The team has enough skill and I was trying to add some edge in the bottom 6. for reference Boqvist had 31 hits in 21/22. Haula had 129 &amp; ZAR had 231. Couldn't find any info on Gritsyuk hit total. Obviously hits aren't everything but you get what I'm going for. The Haula &amp; JVR signings are also only 1 year so if it turns out bad not really a big loss.