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Forum: Armchair-GM14 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 8 at 1:44
I think the Leafs need to add 2 RHD to be closer to a cup contender. Holl in the top 4 is okay - I really do like him, but imagine having Holl on the 3rd pairing?? Now we mean business. And having a more well-rounded attack and forecheck is what we need as well, but let's focus on the defense:

DeMelo is a cheap enough, defensively-oriented guy who ticks a lot of boxes for the Leafs. A little better than Holl at almost everything so he's great.

Gudas is someone Dubas has been talking to in the off-season. Idk exactly why you're not a fan of him, but I'll admit I haven't had many opportunities to watch him play this past year. His stat line shows he's good defensively and has a lot of hits, which is a nice-to-have aspect in a defenseman.

On that note, Cernak for Liljegren is an idea I have been very fond of. I've floated that idea a lot a lot. Cernak is like Schenn except more fleet of foot with less bruising ability, which is a good tradeoff.

I've honestly never been the biggest fan of Hamonic, not gonna say much else, but he blocks hella shots so I could see it working. I think he costs too much for what you get and there are better options in Free Agency or through trade, could be wrong though.

I know Matt Roy and Sean Walker are decent options too. Bogosian as well. Shattenkirk I'm honestly not sold on because I'm not sure it adds a different element to the team. Petro is the expensive on one the books and it seems nearly impossible.

I've talked in other threads about how expensive Parayko would be and I'm not interested in exploring that route too much. I think the ask is too high and he's a tad overrated.
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 7 at 11:58
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 7 at 11:45
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jamiepo</b></div><div>Looks better? Rookie on his offside in the top 6, an overpaid 4th line that should only see 5min a game an underpaid Demelo and a very old guy alive being asked to take on a decent workload.

This would blow up in your face when nylander puts up 80+ points next season and leafs sputter.

Holl for Larsson written all over this.

It’s a simple remedy. Andersen goes to canes for a reasonable return of futures... after leafs have found a replacement.

Leafs sign Demelo to a reasonable contract and keep 2 of Holl Dermott lehtonen or liljegren on the right side.</div></div>

TBH just switch Robertson to the left (where he should be), slide AJ to 3rd line, Mikheyev to 2nd line RW, not a big deal imo just annoying to look at.

DeMelo is not really overpaid here. Cap is not increasing, this is likely the best he ever gets, and previous seasons he hasn't put up the most stellar of numbers. Guys like this don't make more than 3 million a year unless they're someone like Radko Gudas and hit a ton or put up more than 10-high teens points in a season. He's projected at around 2-3 million for 2-3 years. We get surprised all the time at signings and trade returns (Ex Ennis for a 5th at trade deadline) and he still overpaid on Maroon and Khudobin.

A reasonable return of futures, if you're not trading Nylander, makes enough sense. Hadyn Fleury or Jake Bean and a B-level prospect makes sense. I think that if you're trying to get closer to winning, having Pesce (25 year old, fast, defensively sound, relatively cheap for 4 more seasons) is just what you need. Nylander would put up 80+ points for the Canes so he should get something more back, but the idea of trading him and Andersen for those 2 roster players doesn't kill me.

Holl for Larsson killllllls me thank god Dubas is smarter than that... right?? :grimace
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