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Stop bashing Stamkos, Gourde... boring... we all know you hate them... don't need to mention it every post...
Cooper u can bash as much as you want... i don't like him as well anymore... but at least he helped us to make history in the regular season... it was fun :awesome 128 points... jeez... +100 goal differential in 82 games... insane...

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>matulix</b></div><div>I couldn't watch yesterday's game. How did we play?</div></div>

<strong>Guys, this was :bluejackets playoffs series part6(part 5 was vs Carolina), when we play like this, we always lose.</strong>:scream :veryangry :scream
Hopefully we don't play like this too much in the rest of the season... Just painful to watch, Kucherov getting destroyed, like we got owned in last years playoffs...
It's just gritty,grindy defensive structure vs random plays. :blues won the cup with this game style, and it shows why we can't win with our style vs similar teams. All the other team needs is defense on the middle of the ice with 5 players. They move together, barely make mistakes... Our goalscoring goes down from 4 to 1.5...
Nashville can do it. Columbus last year in playoffs. Islanders can do it. Washington can do it. Dallas can do it... Arizona can do it... And a couple other teams. We are never defending in these games for some reason... we try hopelessly to score every shift(we can't even enter offensive zone or only medium chances vs good goalies)... i know we are not built this way... but still... we could try... i know it's boring hockey but vs these teams you can't win with skill...

After this game i think we are barely top13 in the :nhl... down from top10... I don't know why we are this hopeless, but at this time at least the next playoff loss will not hurt that much vs like a random team.
Last year we expected in playoffs to play top 3 hockey. Now it's far away now... So many better teams now... i hope we don't step on the Toronto way... going down... going down...down down... need 3 easy wins now vs :blackhawks, :ducks, :sabres... if we get 6 points there, we are back to top10 and after that some crazy hard games coming up...(possible big losing streak). Might drop out of top15 then...(first time this year)

Let's quote some commentators from the broadcast today: " Tampa has no identity right now." ---&gt; :help :cry :help

If you wonder what teams are better in no order:
East:Caps(...they are locked for president's trophy... worst matchup for us on east) - Islanders(trotz) - Panthers(queneville making wonders!!!) - Pens(cointoss - fully healthy they are probably better right now) - Canes(top5 d-core) - Bruins(best structure on east)
West:Avs - Preds(worst matchup for us from west) - Coyotes(!!! huge surprise) - Blues(see todays game) - Oilers(switched to better structure with new coaching) - Stars

Since we don't have to worry vs west in the playoffs except the finals, and there anything can happen. So we need to focus on east.
7th best from 8 playoff teams with current form/playstyle --&gt; rip dreams
So we can beat the panthers if we play alright hockey(good matchup for years) and since pens has 1 million injuries every time, same thing. That puts us to 5th place on east. That's just not gonna be enough for a stanley cup finals, unless we get extremely lucky, and teams like canadiens make the playoffs and they upset the better team... then we play the canadiens and win... we might upset the bruins, cause we play good vs them lately... but that's it... unless extreme lucky no injury streak/ avoiding bad matchups... it's just not the reality that we lift the trophy in june...

If u read my analysis fully, you can clearly see that something needs to change soon... or we might as well go for tank mode and try to get top10 pick... i know just make the playoffs and nobody can guess what happens there... but it's hard to see us going super deep with offensive hockey 24/7...:huh :shakehead
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