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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 1:14 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MGK</b></div><div>Not a great deal IMO but it's the most realistic out of all of these. Everything else is massively slanted for NYR.</div></div>

Elaborate on massively slanted? Fast for a 3rd and a 3rd 3 drafts from now ( so like a 2020 3rd and 5th value wise) seems like a standard rental depth forward deal.

Smith deal seems logical when you factor in Melnyk needs to hit the cap floor next year by adding like 20m in salary and this allows him to add 4.35m of cap on july 2nd 2020 but only take on 2.35m in salary costs for an nhl player. He loves those deals and i wouldnt be surprised if he paid more for smith than a distant 4th.

Rangers probably need to add to get AA, but not much. Like at the end of the day if its Georgie and a 2nd for AA and a 4th, its still a deal that addresses both teams really well.

Strome is the top scoring FA (UFA or RFA) in the NHL this season. His numbers say he is a top rental, and his contract status really makes him more than a rental. Any team can add him and get him for at least another year ( 2 playoff runs) OR flip him at the draft for assets that might be equal to (or if he plays REALLY well) better than what they pay for him at the deadline. I just dont see how a very standard rental price is "massively slanted" when you take the team control element into account.

Like yes this is clearly this is slanted toward a great outcome for NYR. I literally titled it dreaming. But i would love some actual breakdown on some of the trades and why they are so far fetched.
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