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Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 17 at 8:53 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>chefed</b></div><div>I do not see Muzzin being traded unless an asset is coming back .Look at what is left 2 almost rookies Holl a 39 year old .Add to the fact the Leafs have already paid half of his salary. .I do see him moved to clear cap for a larger deal then I could see giving up an asset. McD 33 yrs old 6.75 x4 was traded by Tampa for an asset. That was a cap dump .Reese for 1 m is wishful thinking 1.5 more likely Sandin will want Boqvist numbers 2.6 m if he is going to sign for 3 years .We have several players on the bubble who can play in Kerfoot's spot Robertson Holmberg come to mind Defense/Goal is still the teams weak spot .</div></div>

Difference is that Tampa got a deal with a team that wanted McDonagh. Nashville clearly think they were that defenseman piece away from seriously contending. Extending Forsberg for 8 years clearly proves that.

In this scenario, the Leafs haven't yet found another contender that is willing to move assets for Muzzin. The Leafs have to move someone as they only can field a 20 man roster with Sandin unsigned. Leafs have no leverage now either which takes away their bargaining power. Although Muzzin isn't a negative value asset, they will have to do something to make this deal worthwhile for the Ducks. They could easily add his cap hit from players in FA without giving up assets. This is why the trade is setup like it is.

Obviously other combinations of player trades could take place. Kerfoot + Holl is a very viable package deal the Leafs could make to a team or just trade them separately.

As for ZAR, have seen a bunch of FA's take well below what I expected them to take. $1M or $1.5M, doesn't really matter. If you noticed, I left some cap maneuverability.

I took the Boqvist contract into consideration here. He has had a more productive NHL career so far in comparison to Sandin. That is why I gave Sandin $2.3M rather than $2.6M like Boqvist.

Holmberg could use some seasoning in the AHL while Robertson would have to earn a spot in camp. Very unfortunate situation for him, but the Leafs cant afford to gamble on him being a productive member in the top 6 and trade a versatile Swiss army knife like Kerfoot away without knowing for certain that Robertson is ready.
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Thread: Yanni Gourde
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>It seems to me that Seattle is giving up a perfectly good (although overpriced) third-line center who has three years on his contract for an equivalent third-line center with one year on his contract plus a third-pairing defenseman with one year on his contract who would play behind Adam Larsson and Justin Schultz. Moreover, Toronto gets no cap relief and loses a roster slot. Seems like a lose-lose to me.</div></div>

Personally think you'd have to add a sweater to the deal for Seattle to accept. Don't think Kerfoot + Holl is enough.

Why are Toronto in need for cap relief in this move? I am trading for Gourde, not dumping Kerfoot &amp; Holl. I believe Gourde to be a better player than Kerfoot with more offensive upside &amp; just better game in general. Also has the experience winning with Tampa that never hurts. Think he 100% is worth his contract and could provide the Leafs with some immense value. He can either play 2LW or 2C depending on what the coach wants. He is an all situation type guy as well which is useful. Moving Holl also opens a spot for Sandin to play regularly.

Seattle now have 2 young C studs that will play in the top 9 plus Wennberg. Geekie can be the 4C. Kerfoot is a versatile middle 6 option that only is owed $750k in real dollars this season. If Seattle aren't a playoff team, you can deal that at the TDL for some nice picks. Same goes for Holl. A 3rd pairing defenseman that has experience playing 20 minutes a night can be dealt at the TDL for picks too. I believe the return for Kerfoot &amp; Holl at the TDL plus the sweetener from the original deal would be a greater haul for Seattle than what they could get for Gourde alone from someone else.

Obviously welcome to disagree.