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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JaredOfLondon</b></div><div>Straleman has been awful this year and just because he's less awful than usual doesnt mean he's a better option. He's old, slow bad defensively and even worse offensively. Just because Holl has had a rough start doesnt mean you move him for a guy who has been trash for years.
And no, the leafs dont need playoff experience, they have tons of it, they've always had tons of it, it is not nor has ever been an issue. And even if they did playoff experience is utter meaningless when players stink</div></div>
…You’re joking right? Tons of experience? I’m sorry but no. Outside of Jason Spezza and Jake Muzzin (and Kyle Clifford if you count him but he’s in the AHL now so right now he’s a non-factor), the Leafs have nobody who’s been to the Stanley Cup Finals and only Muzzin has a ring. If you wanna take it further than that though, only Muzzin, Spezza, Petr Mrazek, Nick Ritchie, and Ondrej Kase have played in the Conference Finals and Kase barely even counts because outside of that Predators-Ducks Conference Finals series he only played 3 playoff games leading up to it. Plus Mrazek probably won’t even be the starter for the playoffs as it is so he also barely counts. No one else on the Leafs has been past the 2nd round of the playoffs and that’s not playoff experience in the least bit. Stralman has been to the Conference Finals 5 times and went to the Stanley Cup Finals two years in a row. He’s exactly the type of veteran leader they need to finally get past the 1st round.
Forum: Armchair-GMDec. 23, 2021 at 11:40 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lancebmx</b></div><div>I don't think Boston wants Kessel and that seems to be a over pay.
No one wants Roussel.
Beagle has since value but Capitals can't afford his contract I don't think. Rangers would be a better fit I feel personally as they have a horrible faceoff percentage so far.
Detroit doesn't want Dzingle plus we don't need retention we have tons of cap space. We might take him for free though maybe.
Toronto cabby afford Stralman plus that would be a downgrade for them.
No one is paying anything for Eriksson.

Also you can only retain on 3 contracts at any one time so two of those retentions are not possible.</div></div>
I did change things up with Eriksson and I can see the Ducks taking him on if the Coyotes take Kesler. The Ducks can afford him, plus I can see Eriksson doing decently in Anaheim’s system if they’re patient with him but if nothing else he’s an extra body that the Ducks could use, especially given their constant injury issues. As a Ducks fan myself, I wouldn’t mind getting him. As far as everything else goes, whoever gets Kessel is gonna overpay for him if only for name value alone, especially if the Coyotes retain 50% of his salary which will probably happen regardless. The Bruins need a 2nd line right winger as Craig Smith has not been good this season. Plus factor in that Kessel and Hall played together for a period of time and the fact that Kessel started his career in Boston, it makes too much sense. Roussel is a Chris Drury type player and if the Rangers see the need to add more bite for a playoff run, then I can see it happening. Just the thought of Reaves and Roussel on the ice together hitting everyone in site and getting under everyone’s skins seems like reason enough for Drury to do it, plus if McKegg is all it costs then that’s an upgrade and a no brainer. The Capitals can afford Beagle, I made sure I checked before I did this trade. Like Roussel he’s practically free and given his familiarity with the Capitals organization, it just makes too much sense. You’re wrong about the Leafs not being able to afford Stralman. They actually can if Holl goes the other way and I made sure to check before I did this trade. Personally I think all things considered Stralman is having a better year than Holl at least offensively. Plus Holl has another year and the Leafs want him gone. Stralman would just be rental anyway and then next year in free agency, if they make the offseason trades that they need to make and clear the necessary cap space, then they can be players for a top pairing defenseman to compliment Rielly. Dzingel is just a nice extra body for Detroit to have in case of injuries or COVID and with the current COVID climate of the NHL, come playoff time you can never be too careful. I doubt Detroit would say no to that knowing that fact especially if a 7th is all they have to give up.
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