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Apr 4, 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GM9 hours ago
Thread: Last Chance
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>I agree Kreider has to agree, I pointed that out. It's more the idea. Maybe it's not NY, maybe it's another team where you package together the two for a LW. That's why I said not necessarily NY.
But I think the move works. Because I don't see NY moving a younger forward. NY also gets a center and Zucker ends in 2 years. You are better off telling Zucker he's the 3LW than Kreider. Who I don't think is going to be ok with that. But it's just an idea.

As for McGinn, I paid him that so people wouldn't instantly say, you under paid him. I think Hyman has a lot of help and will get more than he's worth.

I don't see the Seattle deal as a problem and it's probably already worked out. Your underlying assumption here is that "Matheson like contracts" is just not true. He's not a bad player. This sort of thinking needs to end. They are probably getting more here than what they would actually get. The reality is, ZAR is probably gone for cap reasons so I just threw him in.

Can we say that though. McCann is stuck in the mud in 5v5 play. He has a lot of potential but it's not coming through. But he's a capable 3C at a low cost. Zucker has not clicked here.
Kreider gives them a big bodied forward with speed and scoring ability in their top 6. It's a fair trade value wise. Yes the Kreider deal is long. It won't matter for the penguins down the road. It's about right now.

Look at the Bjugstad trade to MIN.
I have often wondered this. When the penguins sent their first for Zucker, was he part of the deal?
Was that deal already in place and the penguins wanted him for the playoffs and ship him off from there.

This is where we get to the Carter trade. Is that already part of the deal. If he doesn't retire is LA taking him back.
These are the inside deals we don't know about. But it's very likely. For both the player and the team. He could be a rental. That is what it is.</div></div>

Ron Francis has already said it will cost a top prospects + 1st to dump bad contracts. Matheson isn't a good player. Most teams are gonna want to work some type of deal out of either "take this player please" or "leave this player alone and let us keep him", so the asking price is gonna be more than a 2nd and bottom 6 player for sure