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Forum: Armchair-GM43 minutes ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gregory_papas</b></div><div>ok, you baited me in.

kreider would make any team better. st louis would love him.

listening to me, i'm only going to explain this to you once, 'BUD'. i said it wouldn't shock me if st louis would trade for someone like kreider. this is st louis window to win cups. historically teams take chances at the dl trying to win. you GM has traded 4 1st rounders in the past 3 years, of course he has the ability to trade another for a kreider. maybe he'll re-sign him and make another move to open up room for kreider's salary. anything is possible. you saying it's impossible because it isn't something armstrong would do is stupid.

i know st louis isn't known for producing smart successful people. living like a slum dog must be tough for you . but here in the real world, not the murdering streets of st louis, we try to hold ourselves with a certain amount of respect that our family's would be proud of. don't fear friend, trump will fix your sh8t hole city. god bless america, even hopeless st louis.</div></div>

Facts don’t care about your feelings bud you actually said I’m going to run it in your face when it happened. So take a look again KID. Call St.Louis what you will, but everyone in New York from what you seem to be are way less caring and way more daft because saying St.Louis is a sh*thole you should loom up the parade for the Blues on YouTube bud that’ll change your mind, and just because your butthurt we beat the team that could get you an extra pick doesn’t mean you need to insult an entire community of people bud. You are low, log off the internet bud before you become a social media toxicity drama starter.
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