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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>cberg</b></div><div>Hmmm. The Calgary trade is the type you really have to consider, as it gives them a scoring winger which is one of the things that they need, and gives up guys they haven't gotten too invested in yet, but are just arrived or on the verge. Unfortunately, since Nyquist is not right hand shot and only has 1 year till UFA, and really isn't an elite winger, I doubt they would do a 3 for 1 deal. Personally I dislike throwing massive quantity at deals because it depletes your depth too drastically, but if everything else was aligned might make an exception. The easiest way to balance it out is to add in a pick, say the Ottawa 2018 2nd and then it becomes much more attractive as they would have to figure they could get a good player with reasonable potential, albeit delayed versus what they are giving up. It also fills a hole in their drafts this year. Throwing in the Vegas 1st would likely seal the deal.

The other nice thing about the deal is it recognizes exactly where the Flames are at this moment, ie Kylington is really an A level prospect probably ready to step in this year, but also so young he could get another year in the AHL, and he's competing with 2-3 others so its not decimating to their line-up. Klimchuk is also an A level prospect with very good all-around skills also on the verge who could step in right away, but hasn't yet with the Flames. And finally, although Rittich was up and down last season, he's clearly past the AHL and played very well for extended periods last season and could easily fit in as a solid back-up, while remaining at Calgary is Gillies who could do the same for the Flames and might be best for them because their prospects are starting to pile up and they need to find out, soon exactly what they have at the next level.</div></div>

I saw Detroit as a good team for Calgary to deal with, as they don't have many draft picks to offer and Detroit doesn't really need any more this year. I didn't really think Klimchuk was that much of a prospect anymore, so that's why I threw him in there as the third piece. I would rather take him out than add a pick going to Calgary.
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