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Forum: NHLThu at 12:14 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>To add on, are all those guys going to hit? who knows but i mean the future for them isnt bleak. they just need a couple dmen but theyve had pretty recent success with dmen so I would feel confident in them getting more d help. the real question mark is the goalie but they could grab one next draft. who knows. Ide say minnesota and ottawa have the roughest future ahead of them. Edmonton if their season tanks again this year.</div></div>

1) Having a good prospect pool isn't the only (or even the biggest) indicator for how a team will be going forward. Five years ago the top prospect pools were Buffalo, Washington, Islanders, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. Worked out for some; not so much for others. But in a conversation about rebuilding obviously what teams have in (or can add to) the cupboard is going to be a topic of focus.

2) Don't sleep on Petersen as the Kings goalie after Quick. He's talented, and I was pretty bummed when the Sabres lost his rights (although I have no problem with prospects having the ability or taking the option to choose their employer whenever the opportunity arises). He's one to watch in the next few years.

3) I think we're all (you, Brian, and I) are on the same page for the most part regarding the Kings. They're not going up, they have a lot of talented prospects, and they have a lot of declining vets with term left; so they're going to struggle for a while while their youngsters develop and they can begin shedding salaries. I think the only disagreement, from what I can tell, is how bad a position that is for them to be in.

4) I'd say Edmonton is probably in the worst position right now. They have a few VERY good pieces that they don't want to move and a whole lot of squat after that. There aren't too many middling talents they can use to flip for futures (prospects/picks), they don't have a lot of top end prospects right now despite not being good for a long time, and they have a hard time attracting really good players in free agency because no one wants to live in Edmonton or play for the Oilers. I worry that a whole lot of McDavid's career is going to be wasted there.
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