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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JRoss</b></div><div>You continue with the name-calling and condescending remarks just like liberals normally do whenever they don’t have a point. You have made zero sense. And instead of worrying about the cops who are risking their lives trying to protect black communities from other Black peopleYou are worried about the people who aren’t listening to the police. You do know that walking away from a police officer while being detained is literally a definition of resisting arrest. That in itself does not justify a shooting. But when you lean into a car when you’re supposed to have your hands up that can justify a shooting. There are many times that has happened where people have Reached in to get a weapon and shot at the cops.
Here is the problem. I somewhat agree with the Black Lives Matter movement who don’t want the police involved. I’m not for defunding police. Take that money that goes towards policing and maybe police the white neighbourhoods who actually would like the cops to be around more often seeing as they are the ones that normally paid the majority of the taxes in the community that go towards policing. The black communities are policing themselves and people are dying all over the place. But yeah let’s blame the police man because he’s trying to protect the majority of the people in those neighbourhoods and forget about the fact that virtually every single one of these people that were killed by cops were criminals with a long rap sheets Who didn’t Try to kill the cops in self defence like the cops ended up doing, they tried to kill the cops So they didn’t have to go to jail.
So once again stop Listening to mainstream media who is not reporting Facts properly. They Aren’t about the news and in fact have a political agenda. That’s it. Do you research.</div></div>

I didn't call him a name; I said it was a dumb comment. That's not the same as calling him dumb.
If someone gets in a car and brandishes a weapon, THEN police are justified to respond with lethal force. They are not justified in responding to a hypothetical threat they created in their imaginations.
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