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Forum: Armchair-GMJul 16 at 1:35
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dan10900</b></div><div>I really don't see how you can be more consistent than Jenik... pre injury he was nearly 2 PPG, should have still had his 26 game point streak going (he had a point on a goal that got called off bc an offside call or smth, I can't remember now) was the Czech Rep.s best player before his injury in the WJC, and was a solid defensive player in the OHL (now he is a year older, but without Jenik passing him the puck Kaliyev doesn't hit 40 goals, in roughly 1/2 the season Jenik had the PRIMARY assist on over 1/3 of Kaliyev's TOTAL goals...)
By guys like Button who haven't watched Broberg since the Hlinka maybe, but other than there he's really struggled, he's a fantastic skater and has great tools, but he's a turnover machine, struggles positionally etc, looks just lost a scary amount
I'd take Newhook over every forward other than Kap and Zegras, once he got adjusted to the NCAA (in like Jan) he was utterly insane, he struggled before then, but had probably the best season of any D+1 guy in the NCAA as a whole... including his early season struggles...
Ig, and he was a very young AHLer this year, but there are probably some other guys I'd take over him
Fair, I didn't realize he'd played that much</div></div>

Jenik can be more consistent by consistently playing games for an extended timeframe.
I'm sure you've watched more of the prospects than I have and you may have watched more than all the expert scouts, but I don't know who you are so I'm going to put more weight behind the experts. But sure, I can grant that you may be more correct about Broberg.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 16 at 12:18
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