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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>Every fan base overvalues their own players. The Leafs are the most popular team in Canada and possible in Hockey period and a byproduct of that is they get a tonne of hate. Like how the Yankees are hated so much. And what happens (and you clearly are falling into the same mentality) is that fans of other teams get sick of hearing about the Leafs and now they have a negative emotional reaction to anything with the team. When that happens you undervalue. The reality is that the true value of the players is in the middle of what most fans on here say.

I am a Leaf fan, and definitely have a bias, but I am aware of it so I try to temper it as best I can. I am first and foremost a hockey fan, I watch it, I play it and I love it. Have my whole life. So when I look at a player, its generally with a large base of understanding of the game and I like to think I know where its going as well.

With all that said, I have watched Adam Larsson a lot over the years and I have never seen much. He isn't a top end shut down guy like many say he is. There is no proof of that, in fact last year when him and Nurse were the Oilers top pair, they were destroyed defensively. He's never been more than a #4 and at 27, he isn't going to all of a sudden develop a 2 way game. He's a supplementary defender that needs guys who can move the puck for him. That isn't exactly a valuable piece. Why people think so much of him is because a) he was a 1st rounder b) he was traded for hall and c) there are a tonne of people that think a guy who hits a lot is somehow really valuable.

Larsson is not worth much, never should have been and never will be. He's Radko Gudas, or a better Roman Polak.</div></div>

The different between yankees and even patriots vs the leafs is the they both win alot. WHich is why people hate them so much. The leafs havent won anything and havent even made it past the first round in like a decade?

Yet somehow most network guys have leaf players alot higher in rankings then they should be because it increase rankings and players get more hype because of leaf media is crazy. Marner is not top 5 winger. Mathews is not 6th best center Johnny T isnt 5th best center. But some NHL network thinks they are?
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