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Free agent fan for 15 years flirted with a few teams but never quite got there til my jets were reincarnated
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Thread: Laine
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SammyT_51</b></div><div>Then he sits or is traded and I wouldnt even care. He either signs what Leafs are offering (10.5-11x7-8 or 8.5-9x3) or sit/would-be-traded.</div></div>

Sure, let Toronto spend millions on other contracts and then not win a cup because they couldn't figure it out.
There is no part of not signing marner that makes them a better team. Especially when you will get taken to the cleaner on a trade.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Birtle34</b></div><div>He needs to can his advisors, and take his 80 plus million guaranteed and keep perfect image, and make mint in commercials, and if he gets banged up or the career doesn’t quite work out as planned, he’s got 80 million. I don’t understand these rfas, Pipe dream, perfect double dipping, take your guaranteed dough and worry about hockey, not how much u gain or lose next go round. Physical game still, so take your guarantees</div></div>

His adviser is his father so that's never going to happen. B, he will make the commercial money anyway and hockey players really don't make that much in endorsements. C. It's not hard to understand these RFA. The whole league, Owners and Players, are licking their chops at the new tv contract money coming in. No one wants to leave money on the table. How can you blame them. The league isn't talking to the players about those numbers and future revenue growth. It could be a massive bump in money. Their are talks that there are up to 3 networks willing to do deals for games in the american market. With NBC and ESPN almost assuredly playing a ton of money for rights. On the low end the TV revenue is set to double. Some are saying it could be 3-4x as much as it currently is. It could have a massive hike on the salary cap. If it's 3x and players get half of it, you are looking at the cap going up about 10 million or a little more than 12%. That doesn't include the bump they will get for the expansion team coming from seattle.
That's huge for the players, and they all want in on it. Signing a long term deal kind of screws them on that as they get out past their prime.
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Thread: Cap Crunch
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Birtle34</b></div><div>My thought is if he takes the discount now, if he comes in with a injury riddled off year, he wouldn’t get hammered near as hard, kinda fly under the radar of Mathews and Tavares, and still cash in on lucrative endorsements. I imagine he wants max money for what he does on the ice though and the respect of that, I could see him lose a ton though if his image is tarnished in anyway, with a change in city or holdout</div></div>

I think every player in a cap league is going to get compared against the salary he makes.

When Nylander held out for more money and took 1.5 months to get his legs back under him, everyone was ready to ship him out. Now there's a lot of people (myself included) who think he'll be one of the better bargains on this team moving forward.

Zaitsev is a decent defenceman. His reputation is absolutely tarnished on here because the leafs need cap space and he's not exactly playing like a $4.5m player. If he was doing everything he's doing right now...but putting up 40pts like it looked he'd be capable of after his first one would be complaining about him. But between the offensive numbers falling off, his $4.5 cap hit (and term), and the leafs' cap crunch...all the sudden people think he's a brutal defender. Alternatively, if he was at $3.5m no one would care.

So I agree...if Marner holds out for 8 figures and has an off year I think fans and media will be quick to turn on him