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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jamiepo</b></div><div><a href="/users/Austerity" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Austerity</a> <a href="/users/black_Ice_94" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@black_Ice_94</a>

Would leafs not be better off targeting one rhd. Demelo Hamonic Bogasian or shattenkirk petro etc costs you nothing. A player like Cernak could be had for futures, Other players as well that would come much cheaper than nylander.</div></div>

Petro will be too expensive unless we move a big 4 contract. Those other players are good fits for sure but I'm a bit uneasy just grabbing one since none of them are real first line D. But if we're able to grab multiple it's possible to have all D not crutched on too much and the top 4 RHD not getting too much more than 20min a night (unless they're blocking shots like Hamonic/Tanev types and needed in the playoffs). I've been a fan of Cernak for ages but I'm not sure they'd shop him because of his age/they have plenty of depth across their lineup and want to win now. If it's possible I'd do it.

I'd prefer Robertson on the third line or in the AHL but as you said he'd have to play Junior unless he signs overseas. There's a chance he improves after watching footage back on the playdriving/teamwork, he got a bit tunnel-visioned on shooting against CBJ.

Personally I think Marner is overpaid by closer to $2M, and with JT's $11M and Rielly coming up it looks a bit rough. Kind of wish we had have kept Kadri.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jamiepo</b></div><div>Looks better? Rookie on his offside in the top 6, an overpaid 4th line that should only see 5min a game an underpaid Demelo and a very old guy goalie being asked to take on a decent workload.

This would blow up in your face when nylander puts up 80+ points next season and leafs sputter.

Holl for Larsson written all over this.

It’s a simple remedy. Andersen goes to canes for a reasonable return of futures... after leafs have found a replacement.

Leafs sign Demelo to a reasonable contract and keep 2 of Holl Dermott lehtonen or liljegren on the right side.</div></div>

Khudobin and Campbell playing a split isn't a bad thing (the goalie tandem is also a trend that isn't going away); both can put up at least league average numbers behind a D corps that got way better and a forward group that can actually play defense. Also, the idea is that the 4th line can accomplish the role of an energy line while playing real hockey. Good teams do this (Dallas, Boston, St. Louis, Vegas, Philly, etc.), bad teams play AHLers and cross their fingers. Foegele/Brassard/Maroon can all get about 30pts playing about 12 minutes a night.

Losing Nylander sucks, but Dubas has signed some bad contracts. I don't think it's out of the question he gets 80 pts playing on Carolina and I'm fine to adjust the value to make it more even, but something's got to change on the leafs. I don't think this group 'sputters', especially in the playoffs. Way better D (also compared to your proposal of 2 of Holl/Liljegren/Lehtonen/DeMelo), players that can hit and actually attack the net, and hopefully another year means Marner/Matthews can continue to improve. Re: Robertson on his off-wing, that's pretty nit-picky, the lines can easily be shuffled to make it work if he doesn't learn the RW properly (or move Johnsson there, considering he was fine on the right but Kappy was the problem).

I do think 2 UFAs (Gudas according to rumours and someone else like DeMelo or Bogosian) are likely for the RHD, and Andersen being moved is a 50/50. Johnsson probably is moved for a 1st instead of Nylander but this is a spitball and an idea of how to get some energy/reliable D in one trade.
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