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Forum: Armchair-GMJul 7, 2019 at 6:57
1.) In regards to what Kirby Dach offers:

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Corey Pronman, The Athletic</b></div><div>Dach on a pure tools level is above, if not clearly above, both Alex Turcotte and Bowen Byram. I would have had some hesitation doing that pick at No. 3 given his production last season and alternative options, but if Chicago believes he will become the sum of his parts, he is absolutely worthy of this pick. This isn't the first time an incredibly talented forward has gone high without great production. It reminds me of the Ryan Johansen and Mark Scheifele picks, with both worked out.</div></div>

His ceiling is arguably closer to Kakko's than Turcotte's. The only question mark with Dach is that he was somewhat inconsistent early in the WHL season, but he played like a No. 3 overall at the end and into the WHL play-offs.

2.) The only reason people are passing around that impression is because of his re-assignment to Rockford. Colliton and Bowman both like Jokiharju <em>a lot</em>, and have publicly stated that multiple times. Colliton saw that Jokiharju was starting to burn out when he got back from the World Juniors; he was starting to feel the NHL schedule. If you look at his nightly metrics once he returned, it was a gradual descent despite the decreasing ice time. Colliton and Bowman wanted to preserve his potential and avoid forming bad habits under nightly pressure in the NHL. If you watched Jokiharju at all down in Rockford, you could see him fixing some positional habits as the year went on. I don't know where Jokiharju will start this year, but he'll likely stay in Rockford as long as he continues to improve as a player; he is only 20.

3.) Every team wants good defense, but the Hawks had multiple holes that needed patching: goaltending, defensive structure &amp; personnel, bottom-six forwards, and a top-six forward. Bowman addressed each of those with Lehner, Maatta &amp; De Haan, Kubalik/Wedin/Carpenter, and Shaw (respectively). In terms of what the play style will be, Colliton essentially said that he wants an aggressive team that's tough to play against. That demands speed in both skating and transition, tireless players that will continue to fore-check, and close coverage in-zone.

Colliton wanted Bowman to add some more sandpaper and agression to the roster. I'd expect that we'll see the nastier side of Keith, Seabrook, and Toews next year, who are all capable of playing with more fire in their games.