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What I would say is that the Habs are extremely flawed a certain positions that it diminishes how good other positions can be. At forward both RW and LW are solid imo on all lines. I would try and avoid touching (trading) any of them. The Center position is killing the Habs right now. It hurts to say, but the loss of Danault is what's killing the Habs at the forward position. He took all the hard matchups and ate all the ****ty minutes nobody wants to play. It leaves Suzuki exposed, Dvorak should be at most (from what we've seen) a 3rd line C. MTL desperately need a two-way top 6 C, and Dvorak isn't it. Poehling and Evans are both good if they were rotating 3rd, 4th line roles, but with how underwhelming Dvorak has been, they are all stuck playing over their station.

On D, the left side is fine. I can live with what's there and be patient with all the LD prospects coming up in the next year or two. At RD.....needs a complete overhaul... Petry has been god awful (injury or no), Savard shouldn't be playing more than 13ish minutes a night on the 3rd pair and PK, and there's no one to fill out a top 4 role.

At G, I honestly put no blame on Allen, he hasn't been stellar (he isn't paid to be), but his numbers don't reflect how little help he is getting.

The team has also given up the the coaching staff imo. Sucks but i think it's the truth. it looks like Ducharme really did get lucky in the playoffs with Price playing like his old self. Ducharme can't fix the sinking ship, and hearing the comments Petry has been making since the beginning of the season, no one is buying into his system.

I would try and avoid a rebuild, just fix the damn C and RD positions and see what comes of it... and get a new coach. I wouldn't be upset though if a rebuild would be the route Gorton chooses however.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gm_jeanguy</b></div><div>French is my mother language and I couldn't agree more. Enough with the "GM and coach must speak french" thing, this is just to avoid a media crisis and brings zero value to the process of icing a team that wins championships in the modern NHL.</div></div>

Agreed. I don't think it should be fully ignored however. So long as it doesn't interfere with the most qualified person getting the job to build a winning roster. and you could have multiple "most qualified" candidates. It can be very subjective.

Hypothetically. Let's say there are only two candidates for the GM job. BOTH are equally qualified for the position with regards to Hockey expertise and experience, but one only speaks English, and the other is bilingual. If it were any other team in the NHL, the language component really doesn't matter, so they would be free to take either candidate. but with MTL I think in this circumstance, language is the deciding factor and the job is given to the bilingual candidate.

As I said, as long as the most qualified person gets the job. Language comes secondary. and I think this is what Molson did. He decided that Gorton was the best candidate period, and worked around the language barrier by creating a new title for him, with the promise to French media that a French speaking individual will still be GM.

The only issue with this is finding a GM who is alright with not being the one who pulls the strings. Without a doubt, generally speaking, people who hold these high end leadership positions....want to be in control...and the new GM is not going to get all of it in MTL now.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>Look at all the replacement level defensemen that DIDN'T return a 1st:

Why are you betting on the outlier?</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Nhl_oilers</b></div><div>I know… he still is a decent defence man though, if you watch the games. I’m not saying you don’t, and I agree with you, but I don’t like basing my whole opinion on just statistics. But yes, I agree with you, they should not get a first… hopefully.</div></div>

I'd tend to agree that Chiarot's value shouldn't be a 1st rd pick. through the views of analytics, he's probably not worth more than a 3rd or late 2nd rd pick....... BUT..... not all teams management group lean heavily with analytics, and I can say that Ken Holland certainly isn't part of that group.

Chiarot has a pedigree of being "built for the playoffs". He can eat a lot of hard minutes, play the pk, pitch in every now an then on offense, and has that physical edge. Add all that to what he showed in last years playoffs, and voila! that's where all this "he has a late 1st rd pick value" is coming from. Please don't be ignorant to the fact that this isn't only coming from the MTL fan base on here...it's coming from sports media, articles, etc.

As someone who doesn't post all that often anymore, I for one wouldn't be surprised either way if Chiarot gets a 1st+, or just a 3rd rd pick. Heck it wouldn't surprise me if Bergevin signs him to an extension and moves someone else instead lol
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