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Thread: EDM Samo
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>I think you need to watch him a little more before passing judgement, because you're completely wrong on him.

June 2017 - Samorukov has one of the highest ceilings of any defender taken from the OHL this past draft. He can <strong>impact the game at both ends of the ice</strong>... He’s really the <strong>complete package in terms of possessing a skill set.</strong> Mobility, physical aggressiveness, big point shot, puck skill. It’s just about putting it all together and learning the position. When to go for the big hit. Making better reads in coverage and chasing less. Picking his spots offensively. Getting his shot through to the net more effectively on the PP. I suppose what I’m saying is that over the course of the next two years, we’ll get to see what type of hockey sense Samorukov possesses. <em>Brock Otten</em>

July 2018 – Dmitri Samorukov is <strong>a two-way defender</strong> with an improving offensive game. He has been praised by Guelph Storm coach/GM George Burnett for his strong skating, his ability to play in all situations (including the powerplay) and his overall determination... Samorukov has <strong>a solid overall skill set</strong> and if he can continue to develop his offensive game then he could potentially become a fantasy player to watch in the future. <em>Jameson Ewasiuk</em>

December 2018 – After recording just six points in the first 23 games of the season, Samorukov has really come on offensively in the last six game tallying nine points. His recent production is impressive but may not last as <strong>he isn’t known for his offensive abilities</strong>... Samorukov was invited to the Russian World Junior camp and should have a good shot at making the team having played on it last year. <em>Jameson Ewasiuk</em>

March 2019 - Dmitri Samorukov, the Edmonton Oilers prospect who plays on the blue line for the Guelph Storm and played for Russia at the World Junior Championship. Boy, is he ever playing well. He looks to me like a player. He’s one of the top defencemen in the OHL, and I just think he’s a <strong>real force at both ends of the ice</strong>. <em>Bob McKenzie</em>

May 2019 - While Edmonton Oilers pundits are quick to point out the play of Ethan Bear, Caleb Jones, and Evan Bouchard, don’t sleep on Samorukov making a push to leap-frog all three players as early as next year. The affable Russian<strong> plays a pro-style game </strong>where he <strong>defends with size, physicality and a good stick</strong>. He passes the puck like an NHL veteran and has a bomb of a shot that will work in the NHL. An <strong>all-around defenceman</strong>, Samorukov’s 28 points are the most for an OHL defenceman since Ryan Ellis had 33 with Windsor in 2010. <em>Sam Cosentino </em>

May 2019 - He probably took off a little more than expected offensively in the second half of the season and the playoffs; I think he had 28 points in the playoff run. He’s a guy who, <strong>first and foremost, is an outstanding defender who is hard to play against</strong>, he moves the puck well, he’s fearless, has great feet, he can get in and out of trouble and he can win battles. <em>George Burnett</em>, Samorukov's OHL coach


Zero chance MTL picks him up in the trade listed above, it's not even close to the right value.</div></div>

Lol like I said, I saw the kid play twice. Off my observations he didn’t focus on his defensive game at all and gave up some odd man rushes for being a bit too zealous jumping down low in the offensive zone. He did look great with Suzuki though :P Not claiming to be scout or anything here, and I’m fully aware 2 games isn’t a large enough sample size, but I just based my initial reply off of what I personally saw. I did no research on how sports writers view him.
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