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I'm not going to lie, If Stanley was a better prospect (IMO) I would actually consider this. Only because that 1st is not protected and I feel WPG is in rough spot this year. Its a gamble but a decent one to make.

For me its just that Stanley feels like a prospect in the wrong era. He would be solid in the early 2000's. Right now its becoming apparent that smaller more dynamic skaters like Heinola are the better players to have. If WPG had taken Cholowski in that draft instead, maybe I may actually take this deal. Essentially a LHD prospect whose skill level is that of a late 1st rounder.

With all that said, just to clarify for the countless people who are misinterpreting, Habs fans not moving Drouin because he's a cancer that needs to be got rid of. He's simply the best asset Habs are willing to move at this point for the right price.

Just like Laine with WPG, you don't see Jets fans clamoring to trade him for peanuts because he likes to play Fortnite and was inconsistent last year. All this sillyness of trading guys like Drouin or Laine for well below what the going rate for a player like that is, is coming from the other fan bases trying to wrile those fan bases up. Drouin's value may not be sky high right now, I totally agree, so expecting a huge return at the moment isn't realistic but the habs trading Drouin just to get rid of him without getting a "fair" return isn't realistic either. Why would they? Just keep him and try to get him going/hope he gets better.

Habs don't <em>have</em> to trade Drouin. Its not like, despite his rough pre season, he wasn't a 53 point scorer last year. If he was putting up 15 points last year, that would be a different story.
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