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Thread: Crybaby PLD
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>OS 7x7
WPG can match or dont
MTL really doesnt care lol

If they dont its a 1st ,2nd and a 3rd round pick
If they do then over time PLD will become Toxic and moved for less
If they're lucky they'll get a Oreilly return or a little less then given Oreilly&gt;PLD as he wins Faceoffs at Elite Level(been #1 a few times)

MTL OS is just daring WPG to F themselves over
By Proxy it eliminates them as a future contender tying up cap and a roster spot by someone who hates them
As seen in CBJ if ignored long enough PLD will get increasingly aggressive

Either way Accepted or Not
WPG walks away worse no matter what
Their only out is to accept the OS and hope MTL's
unprotected 1st is a good one and PLD does the same to them triggering a Tank</div></div>

It stands to reason if PLD really wants to play for the Habs, he would need to take less $$$, especially via an offer sheet since Montreal would have less time to move money around.
Not to mention he would probably need to give a hometown discount since everybody knows just how bad he wants to play there, including Montreal.
Winnepeg should cut and run from him just like Columbus did. Part of it was definitely Torts, but it seems he carries some emotional baggage wherever he goes.
Laine was a very respectable return for PLD, and we are hoping that the Gaudreau signing will help sway Laine to sign long-term as well.
Like you indicate above, who knows, after a couple years in Montreal, PLD may just revert back to his old miserable self.