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Thread: NEW LOOK
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Cannon</b></div><div>I really don’t want to trade that 22 pick under any circumstances. That could be a franchise altering pick. That would have emotional attachment to Columbus. The only attachment eichel would have to us would be we were the knight in shinning armor saving him from the eternal Buffalo rebuild.</div></div>

Jarmo covets 1st round picks. I realize that.
He already has made the statement in the media he might just be using only 1 of the 3 1sts in 2021 and using the other 2 to acquire player(s), if it makes sense.
I just took that scenerio and fast forwarded it past this year's draft, since I think CBJ will use the 5OA pick, but if this Eichel trade is made before the draft, they would require that 5OA.
So if the trade is proposed after the 2021 draft, the 2 future 2022 &amp; 2023 picks would be in play.
That being said, drafting from position #10 - 32 typically means you will get a very skilled prospect, but not one that usually slots right into the NHL.
1st round picks in the lower half of the round are usually hit or miss. They take several years to develop in junior and the minors...continuing to work on their development, nutrition, building body mass, mental and physical development of the game &amp; maturity, and speed of the game at NHL level.
Spending 2 future 1sts for a generational talent like Eichel would definitely be worth it, and I think Jarmo would definitely trade 2 1sts for an Eichel.
And I think the CBJ would be back into playoff caliber team, so the picks most likely would be bottom half 1st round picks.
Jarmo does seek out opportunity and tries to leverage it when he can.
Heck, Jarmo put 2 1sts on the line for Duchene (albeit one was conditional), who isn't half the player Eichel is.
Since Eichel wants out of Buffalo, this may make sense (all the more so if Jones would extend in Buffalo, but I doubt that would happen).
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 3 at 12:22