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Thread: Chychrun
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jrader17</b></div><div>I think there a lot of flaws with your thought process and I don't think that the Eichel trade is as good an analog as people think it is. First, I don't think the Coyotes would be interested in a Tuch like comparable. First, Buffalo was very concerned with getting someone who wanted to be in Buffalo.. Tuch being from Western NY and willing to be in Buffalo was a big deal... AZ doesn't have that concern. Second, Buffalo is further along in the rebuild and has many more piece in place (Dahlin, Cozens, Power, Quinn) where adding a young vet like Tuch makes sense. AZ is going down to the studs.. someone 25 years old is too old.. that player would be 30 when the rebuild is ending and out of their prime

Second, Chychrun is cost controlled at 4.6 rather than Eichels 10. The conditions on the picks coming from Vegas would not have been there if Buffalo had been willing to retain.. where as with Chychrun his cap number is so low there's no such concern.

Third, Eichel had demanded a trade which forced Buffalo's hand. Chychrun has not requested a trade.. and to be honest the Coyotes are listening they aren't even shopping him. Coyotes have no incentive to move Chychrun unless they have their doors blown off.

I don't STL as a fit given their lack of a absolute blue chip prospects and the knowledge that any first rounders from the Blues would likely be out of the lottery since Stl is so good and will be for years to come</div></div>

https://www.tsn.ca/insider-trading-oilers-slump-sparks-speculation-of-coaching-roster-moves-1.1741875 watch that video and around the 2 minute mark they talk about Chychrun... It wasnt MY thought process
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