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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tkecanuck341</b></div><div>It's apparent that you don't know much about the Kings.

The Kings will only move Carter if they get a center back in return. Kempe is absolutely terrible at faceoffs (we're talking 30% win rate), and there's not a lot of help further down the lineup. Kopitar took 3x more faceoffs than anyone else on the team last season while Carter was out with injury.

Brodin might be a slight upgrade over Muzzin, but this trade doesn't solve any of the Kings problems. They essentially are looking to solve two problems:

1. When Doughty's extension kicks in and extensions are given to Iafallo and Kempe next season, even with no roster moves and a moderate cap increase, the Kings will be over the cap by more than $2 million. They need to offload some salary to fit.

2. After Doughty, the Kings don't have a top-four RHD.

They'd be willing to move Pearson, Toffoli, Muzzin, and/or Martinez in order to solve these two problems, but they're not dissatisfied with any of these players. The trade you suggest adds over $2M to the Kings cap, further compounding problem #1, and Brodin is a LHD, meaning he doesn't solve problem #2.

There's absolutely no reason for the Kings to make this trade.

Don't get me started on your lineup decisions. This is a much worse team than the Kings iced last year.</div></div>

First of all this team is in a GM league (basically a bunch of people being the GMs of the NHL)
2nd, my cap space is horrible rn but when I'm aloud to make trades again I'm losing Brown and I get 4 Mil in cap space and I can play my best roster then
Forum: NHL TradesJun 19, 2018 at 2:46