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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lightman13</b></div><div>Can’t argue with the wild needing a center, no doubts about that. Talbot, zuccarello, hartman and dumba don’t have motivation/drive issues. They all play their asses off daily, especially hartman.. The rest can’t argue on those. But that’s why rask, bjustad, mojo in particular are on their way out. Rask, if anyone will take him. Greenway had gotten better but I would have no problem trading him or having him go to Seattle.

I’m sure bg will be doing what he can for a center, but has to be the right fit and can’t picture kuz being the right fit. He is a great center no question about it, but just doesn’t fit the mold.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DogDayCaps2</b></div><div>This is full of opinionated false narratives. Bjugstad MoJo Rask Talbot Zucc Dumba Hartman.. Greenway. All have consistency issues before going to the wild. Reason why the wild would want Kuzy is bc he is willing to switch up his game and he would be their best center by a country mile. Lav asked him to learn his system to help his defensive game Kuzy did exactly that. People on this site hear something idiotic and run with it. Lol if he was a lazy cancer Washington’s players would actually hate him. He pretty loved by his teammates. Also carried this team to a cup. The trade isn’t close but this “ blah blah blah insert thoughtless narrative blah blah blah” doesn’t mean BG doesn’t want Kuzy. Wild need a center to be actually a cup contender. Who else is there? Eichel lmfao headcase. Monahan “not a BG type guy” he made some solid moves but if they don’t add a high end center you miss the playoffs. EK was shooting at a 2x higher s% than his career average. More than likely not sustainable. 😊</div></div>

I thought kuz would be a good fit for kirill because there both Russian I think they’d have some good chemistry