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Forum: Tampa Bay Lightning23 hours ago
The Good
Cirelli, Cernak, Joseph and Sergachev (minus that one pass in front of the net) were great throughout the series and looked like they actually wanted to win the entire series. Cernak was the only player with 3 pts and led in scoring. He's a genuine Top 4 defenseman right now who I think can eventually be a legit top pairing defenseman. Killorn was also solid, one of the few veterans that showed up. Coburn had a good showing in the 2 games he played, might be worth resigning to a one year contract at 2M or less if we can.

The Bad
The other forward veterans, the secondary scoring; Johnson, Palat, Miller, and Gourde barely showed up when it mattered. Yes, they did score, just contributed either in the first period of the series, or way too late in games for anything to matter. Hedman being injured.... that hurt the defense a lot. Scratching Coburn and Callahan for the first two games. Although, Rutta was serviceable, you play your veterans in the playoffs. Vasilevskiy was poor for all but the 3rd game.

The Terrible
Where the hell was the primary scoring??? Kucherov, Stamkos and Point were not seen until game 4. Kucherov's hit... Stamkos giving away the puck after McDonagh (or was it Coburn?) saving the open net chance when it was 4-3. Giving up a 3-0 with 6 skaters... Literally 9 straight periods of pure garbage. Cooper's interviews. Please shut the hell up. No one wants to here about how it wasn't our year I have belief blah blah blah. Actually get off your ass and ****ing do something and change up the tactics. He needs to go. Getting swept as the regular seasons by a mile. Absolute disgrace.
Forum: GM Game 2018-19 & 2019-20Apr 9 at 7:46
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Just as a reminder and a refresher to what the exposure requirements are.

2 forwards that have played 40 games in either 2018/19 or 70 games in 2017/18 and 2018/19 and are signed in 2019/20.
1 defenseman that has played 40 games in either 2018/19 or 70 games in 2017/18 and 2018/19 and is signed in 2019/20.
1 goalie signed in 2019/20 or is a pending RFA.

All players meeting the exposure requirements must have played more than 2 seasons of professional North American hockey (NHL, AHL).