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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bigZ98</b></div><div>your not gonna get a top 10 or top 5 first round pick from a hall trade. No team in the basement is gonna trade for hall.
Desmith was placed on waivers so Jarry could play. No one claimed him because people dont know how waivers work. A lot of teams when he was placed on waiver were around the 48 contract number and the limit is 50. Teams dont always claim players off waivers because sometimes they would rather trade a contract for it or cap for it instead of just adding. Desmith has shows to be a solid back up, and can be relied upon to play 40 games even by split starting.
Kahun was off to slow start because he could not finish his chances. He has 5 points in his last 3 games, he has finally broken the drought and has been playing exceptional.
Its hard to be a top 6 center on many teams, especially the devils. The hischier - hughes duo is elite, and hallander may be a great 3C behind them if his development continues to grow.

I think this package is good, i dont think the devils would accept, but i also think adding more will be an overpayment for pens. Legare for Hall is a huge no to me.</div></div>

1. I know that no team in the top 5 or 10 is going to trade for Hall.

2. I'm well aware of how waivers work- the point being that if DeSmith was that good, they wouldn't need to give Jarry a look. They would see the value that he brings to the club and would not risk the chance of another team picking him up. He's also not a significantly better option then either Blackwood or Schneider at this point so I do not see the value in acquiring him.

3. THE DEVILS DO NOT NEED A THIRD LINE CENTER. This has been a constant theme on this website. They could go a number of routes (McLeod, Zacha, Zajac) in the future. You point to Kahun "finally breaking the drought"- his shooting % is inflated right now at 14.3%. So with the shooting % inflation, he's on pace for roughly .5 points per game. That's not great.

4. This is the biggest problem of them all- Hallander is not a very good prospect. The organization is already littered with bottom 6 talent, there is no point in acquiring another one.

All in all, quality &gt; quantity. The pens do not have the quality pieces needed to get a deal done IMO.