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Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 12:58 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DevilsFanInTX</b></div><div>I think Walsh gets offered an ELC - up in the air as to whether he takes it. I don't know what the rumor mill is putting out on him and why he would want to leave (other than the team being bad). Given the questionable talent level, he would have a legit shot at making the bottom-6 on this roster.

I'd give Palms and Gusev extensions - both are top-6 on any team. The questions surrounding Gusev's defensive limitations were an obvious concern in the first half of the season, but I believe he started to develop an average two-way game. If he wing on the first or second line, I'd be OK with him being more of a defensive liability so long as Hughes isn't centering his line (might as well be playing 5-on-3). I think the offensive skill/creativity is undeniable. The team will be better with him on it. Also, I do not think we're in the position to be moving top-6 wingers when we have no players to back-fill them.

Contracts - I'm with <a href="/users/zyyyp" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@zyyyp</a> on the Gusev deal [5/6 x 6M]. I think that's a good contract for both sides. I would do it sooner rather than later so that he can be dealt at the deadline if no deal is reached. As for Palms, I'd throw him a similar contract as Gusev, maybe a year less on the term [4/5 x 6M].

I don't think we'll land a fish in the UFA market, but I would definitely look into a couple of cap dumps to acquire more draft/prospect capital. The prospect pool has certainly improved thanks to some of the moves from the past two seasons, so hopefully something pans out. Guys I'd take a look at (no order) - Russell, Neal, Erikson, Boychuk, Okposo - Probably missing a few but you get the point.</div></div>

Walsh is a D man but I understand what you're saying. Rather see him in the lineup then Mermis or Mueller.
Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 12:56 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>zyyyp</b></div><div>Lol, I'm the most insufferable fan on the site because you don't agree with my opinions? Jesus you are soft. People can disagree on things and share their opinions, that's the whole point of CF. I don't like getting into it with Devils fans on here because like you said there's not many of us, why can't we all be on the same page here?

As for Palmieri, plenty of guys have "been around for a few years" doesn't really add much to your argument, and none of us have any idea who is looked at as a leader in the locker room. He gives an effort more than most (not saying a whole lot) but he was totally invisible at times last year, I also didn't like his attitude. It was apparent that he wanted the puck all the time and never dished when given the opportunity, it's almost as if when Hall got moved he thought he was the top dog and wanted everything to run through him. I'm fine with keeping him around on a shorter deal (3 years x 5M) to play a depth role but anything more than that I wouldn't feel good about. I don't dislike Palmieri but I find Devils fans massively overvalue him (as they do a lot of players) and it's extremely annoying. The team is moving in a new direction with Nico and Hughes leading the charge, I think it makes most sense to do multiple A's until Nico is ready like I said.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on Gusev then, I think he's a fantastic player. He's not great defensively but when you have that good of an offensive toolset you don't have to be. I would consider an offer of a mid 1st and an A+ prospect but anything less than that would be a no go for me. He could easily be a 70 point guy on this team and point scoring wingers is something we have lacked for a long time. I'm curious as to how you would know that he doesn't like living in NJ?</div></div>

No you're insufferable because, as I've seen on your other posts, you mock and put down other posters ideas as opposed to offering facts and data as to why you disagree. Calling you out on your bull**** doesn't make me"soft".
Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 11:29 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>zyyyp</b></div><div>He was actually fine defensively after the first few months, his skating I couldn't care less about. Plenty of great NHLers over the years that weren't great skaters. He was on pace for close to 60 this year despite awful coaching and it being his first year in NA, he could be close to a point per game player if put in the right situations imo.

So you want to surround the young guys with talent, but also trade the most skilled forward on the roster who's 27 years of age for a 2nd round pick? Lol, which is it? 6-7 years is way too much term for Palmieri, you know he'll be 30 at the start of next season right? If you're wanting to give him that kind of term at 6-7M aav like you stated earlier, that would turn into one of the worst contracts in the league pretty quickly. He plays a rugged style, I would bet he's going to start seriously dropping off in 3-4 years. What makes you think he's worthy of being the captain of this team? the fact that he's from New Jersey and throws a few hits every now and again? They should just roll with multiple A's until Nico is ready for the C in a year or two.</div></div>

You are, by far, the most insufferable Devils fan on this site. And that's saying something, because as a whole, we're a pretty tough fan base (all 10 of us) to deal with.

Now to answer your question, almighty Devils fan, no, i'd like Palms to be the next captain because he's been around for a few years and is looked at as a leader in the locker room. Pretty simple. We must not be watching the same team, because he's the only guy who gives a consistent effort on a nightly basis. He's well worth a Kreider like contract because his game will translate well into his low-mid 30's. He doesnt really play a rugged style- he can throw a hit every now and again, but hes a sniper and extremely solid defensively, as evidenced by his underlying stats and multiple 25-30 goal campaigns.

I would rather not commit 6-7 million a season to Gusev because, as I said earlier, his skating and defense is extremely questionable. So much so that despite being extremely talented, he had to play with two defensive minded players so that he didnt stick out like a sore thumb. I wouldn't mind keeping him, but if the right offer came around next season, I would not hesitate to trade him. Especially since he does not like living in NJ.
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