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Thread: Vets
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DDossett</b></div><div>I was talking about the off season not the tdl. Hence referencing hinestroza and sheehan. Those should have been good vets to start the season not cast offs because;

Last year was about developement and analasys of the team. Im not sure what our guys learned from hinestroza and sheehan but i bet with 15 mil we could have found some better mentors. Also the best way to get your team playoff ready is to have have your developing talent earn they're spot from veteran performers.
Recently listened to 32 thoughts pod. JJ Peterka after talking about how hard it is to get a puck from Tage (with all his talent and size) is asked who the best keep away guy on the team is. Apparently Kyle Okposo...because hes just knows what to do, he has so much experience and understanding.
Im not saying we should have sold the farm and i don't deny hindsite is 20/20 but fortunately you can look through my record on here and see a year ago today i was arguing this same point. Get vets to mentor, pay what ever ridiculous amount you have too on a short term deal, if our prospects surpass the vets, bring em up, waive the vets. Its exactly what we did with hinestroza, sheehan, and bjork. Except we should have got guys that set a better bar than "wouldnt be on an nhl team if not for the sabres". The team was inconsistent and stretched out some inpressive losing streaks. That could have been help by a couple (2) 30 something guys with winning records. Especially a dman to mentor our young core and ride the pine most games.
The only reason this matters as the team is making the same mistake this year. Is this another evauluation year? Was everybody just so great there was not a single player to move on from or improve on? Nobody who you'll trade a single mid lvl prospect with to mix up the bottom 6 or a top prospect for a top 6 guy....
Just seems more likely they're doing nothing than there's nothing to do.</div></div>

Who were you gunning for last year and who this year?
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Thread: Vets
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Let's examine last years TDL.

Eleven teams traded 12 first round picks.
Three missed the playoffs Ottawa, Vancouver and Washington.
Six were bounced in the first round Boston, Los Angeles, Tampa, New York Islanders and Rangers
Two made it the second round New Jersey, Edmonton and Toronto.
Neither Florida nor Vegas traded first round picks, but the Knights did give up Zach the 30th OA from the 2021 draft to get Ivan Barbashev who had an excellent playoff with 7 goals and 18 pts in 22 games and Diliberatore a 2018 6th round pick to get Blueger who had 2 goals.
Ivan had 6 regular season goals after joining the Knights only two more than Greenway.
The Sabres picked up Greenway, and Stillman while Florida did not make any deals.
Stillman actually played very well registering a 55% CF playing with nearly every other defenseman.
At the TDL Buffalo was nearly as active as the Knights (Stillman and Greenway played a total of 35 regular season games while Barbashev and Blueger played 41) and more active than the Panthers.

Maybe they could have done more, certainly let's not trade away any first round picks to make the playoffs.
Compared to Boston and Tampa, they did nothing but they were both huge favorites in the playoffs, Buffalo was not.
Next year looks really bright for the Sabres as Tampa lost Killorn and Colton and Boston lost Bergeron, Stillman, Hall and Krejci as well as Orloff and Bartuzzi who they picked up for the playoff run.</div></div>

Nice work
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Thread: Vets
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