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Wayne Glensky
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May 22, 2019
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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 10:17 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>I know we’ve had some questionable picks but they’re always within the realm of reasonable. Like last year, Stutzle at 3 was a no-brainer, Sanderson at 5 was questionable but at least he was pretty unanimously a top 8 pick at worst and fills the McDonagh role of guy who can take heavy shutdown minutes. Greig was projected around there. Jarventie was the first stretch, projected around mid-3rd, but there was pre-draft chatter that he had all the tools and teams were considering him with a 1st (unlike any of our picks this year). Kleven was a 2nd. Sokolov was projected at some point in the 3rd. Merilainen was off the board but taking a skilled goalie with our 7th pick of the draft is a fine gamble by then. So basically, the only real reach was maybe Jarventie by a round, maybe Sokolov by half a round, all of our other first 6 picks went within like, +/- 5 spots of expected. Boucher was a reach by nearly a full round, and he was picked 10th, where the chasm is enormous (scouts generally talk about the first tier, in this draft 9 consensus skaters, and then maybe 1-2 more tiers, and then by 20-40 they could go in any order, Boucher was ranked near the bottom fringe of that category [3rd tier] and went as if he was close to a first tier guy). Our next 3 picks were all reaches by multiple full rounds. It’s fine to reach for a guy if you don’t think he’ll be there by your pick in the next round and you have him ranked maybe a few slots below your pick, but to reach for a guy that will be there at your next pick is just inexcusable imo. Boucher could turn out to be a very good prospect, but it’ll be a tough sell to be better than Sillinger/Lucius/Svechkov and Wallstedt/Cossa. Our 2nd rounders likely won’t outperform all of Stankoven/Pinelli/Kapanen/Raty/Chibrikov/etc. If they turn into good prospects it’s kinda more luck at that point. I just think Dorion refuses to draft anyone smaller than 6’2” which is kind of insane (Maroon at 6’3” and Goodrow at 6’2” were the only tampa forwards above 6’1” for the record, and nearly all of our guys are bigger than that at this point).</div></div>

yeah i wouldve rather seen more skill taken over boucher for sure but i think he at least has a projectable NHL future (although the ceiling is questionable for 10th overall imo). but for the second rounders i really just dont know enough about them to actually be mad, i wouldve loved to see them take a swing on Raty (especially with their second 2nd) but i have literally no idea about ben roger or ostapchuk so ill just defer to trent mann as hes been consistently able to find quality prospects. One part i think gets overlooked with drafting is you want to draft the player who is better now, you want to draft the player who will be better in 5 years, they all have different development curves (i.e shane pinto) and i think the sens amatuer scouting team has done a good job of identifying those with strong development curves and have made enough quality selections over the last few years to at least warrant seeing the prospects play post draft before we fully question their drafting