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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div><strong>LMAO ... OK there bud. </strong>

1) All of the Leafs key forwards are already signed through next season.
2) All of the Leafs press-boxers are already signed through next season.
2) Anderson + Rielly + Sandin + Liljegren are signed through next season.

<strong>SIGNED FORWARDS</strong>
Hyman - Matthews - Nylander
Johnson - Tavares - Marner
T.Moore - Kerfoot - Kapanen
N.Petan - Gauthier - Agostino

<strong>SIGNED DEFENSE</strong>
Reilly - Sandin - Liljegren

<strong>SIGNED GOALIES</strong>
Anderson - Joe Woll

<strong>SIGNED PRESS-BOX</strong>
Agostino - Kossila + (Gravel or Holl)

<strong>2020-21 SEASON TOTALS</strong>

<strong>Signed Roster</strong> = 20 Players
<strong>Team Cap-Hit</strong> = $70,500,000
<strong>Salary Cap Est</strong> = $84,500,000
<strong>Remaining Cap Space</strong> = $14,000,000

<strong>Required Signings</strong> = 3 Defensemen (Dermott = $2,000,000 / Muzzin = $5,000,000 / Barrie = $7,000,000)
<strong>Total Cost</strong> = $14,000,000

And Toronto really doesn't have to sign Barrie if he wants too much money.
They could also trade Kappy + Hyman for help on defense or cap-space.
Especially if Mikheyev + Moore keep playing as well as they are.

<strong>Go check it for yourself though ... I mean, were definitely on the right website. </strong></div></div>

I'd say there's a 1% chance Barrie re-signs w/ the Leafs...maybe less. He's gonna want $7M+ and I don't see how Dubas can fit him and Rielly in w/o moving out Nylander.