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Feb 22, 2021
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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 6:49
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 4:40
Thread: Kuzy deals
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DogDayCaps2</b></div><div>Friedman also made heavy claims Kuznetsov was rumored to be offered $10 million a season to return to KHL and was one of the major reasons Washington pressured paid him. i think Brodin is a fine player and would be a great complementary player for Carlson. Brodin xgf% was 49.8 % this year thats hardly elite level defense...

Kuzy offensive numbers were down at the beginning of the year bc Lav wanted him to focus on defense. his defensive number are noticeably better this year than last year, he also finish the year with 16p in 20 games.. that's pretty darn good if you ask me</div></div>

The number you mentioned are ones you can pick &amp; choose. If you watch Jonas Brodin, &amp; who he's to the wild, you would see how good of a dman he's. Numbers don't tell everything about a player like Brodin

You can't give excuse for Kuznetsov but not Brodin who was playing with turnover prone matt dumba.

Kuznetsov also missed close to 2 months of the season or more due to having covid and then being put on covid protocols again like the last month, &amp; he was just taken off covid protocols after the 1st game of playoff, all by his own doings. He had covid the 1st time due to not following covid protocols and getting it, missing a little over 1month of the season

Then recently was put on covid protocols again, then missed more than a month including missing the 1st game of playoff

Anyway doesn't matter because wild aren't trading Jonas Brodin whose a stud shutdown d, &amp; goes against the opponents best players
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 4:00
Thread: Kuzy deals
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 3:45
Thread: Kuzy deals