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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>Same goes for both sides tho. I think the point being is a unfair tax issue in terms of parity. If you want parity in the league where players can get equal pay everywhere then it is a issue. Because yes I can sign a 70mil contract but it will not be the same everywhere and other places will give me a huge benefit (which I dont think anyone is to blame).

Because as a Canadian; I would NOT want to ever live or raise a family in most of the USA. There are select AREAS I would change my mind for but in general I would have little desire to move to the USA in general (ex: the USA ranks 122 in all countries on the peacefulness index compared to Canada at 10). Now thats a subjetive opinion of me having no desire to live there.

Objectively; Florida flexes a tax advantage than most places can never keep up with. Even other US states. I don't think theres a way to fix it really (there are but nothing "easy" for the league). In general a luxury cap should be added to allow anyone to have the choice of spending more. Like the MLSE would then gain a benefit compared to other Canadian markets because they can flex their wealth. This then causes other issues for other Canadian teams lol.

There wont be an easy objective fix: but there is a advantage for some teams that NO other teams get, not just Canadian. That takes away from the equal field the NHL tries to produce with their current structure (as all teams share in growth and revenue and spread the money throughout).</div></div>

I'm just messing around, I know what you mean and even places like buffalo have the same disadvantage. I've got bunches of friends and family in Canada so I know the facts lol.