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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HockeyScotty</b></div><div>Is Lindholm-McAvoy even a "pair". Yes they are the top 2 defenders for Boston; but are they a true pairing?</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>Could also basically say any Dpairing from VGK at this point to

As everyone there's just good</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HockeyScotty</b></div><div>I think there is a clear-cut TOP 4 pairings in the NHL, and the arguments to be made start around the "5th best" ranking with less all-around greatness and situational pros/cons, deployment, and playstyle factoring in.

<strong>Great all-around top pairings:</strong>

If Lindholm-McAvoy was an actual full-time pairing: I'm sure they would rank high. As would Heiskanen and Josi if they actually had a solid/regular partner.

<strong>In the Running:</strong>
Ekholm-Bouchard (small sample size)
Chabot-Chychrun is one to watch if they stay healthy and together.</div></div>

Sorry to just Spam quote everyone but I think this topic is pretty interesting!
I think one guy being elite helps a pair. Having someone like Dahlin, Hamilton, McAvoy or Heiskanen definitely gives their pair a significant advantage IMO if they have a top pairing guy or top 4, who is solid defensively next to them because of their game breaking abilities. Statistically Ekholm and Bouchard who broke out offensively in the playoffs could disprove my theory but I don't think or just feel that they will not be as consistent over a full season. We will see. Lindholm - McAvoy may not be a pairing just through that one out their because for some reason it came into my mind lol.

Edit: nvm it didn't quote everyone
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Completely agree, hard to figure the team is ranked third.
Isak <strong>Rosen</strong> who had a very good year in the AHL is ranked as the 15th best prospect.
It took Casey a couple of years to adjust to playing against men, remember he could not do a single pull up before he was drafted.
Once he bulked up he did just fine.
Once Rosan adds more muscle he will probably excell as well.
<strong>Levi</strong> is ranked 12th best prospect, that alone should scream how deep the pipe line is.
<strong>Savoie</strong> is ranked 8th behind Benson, Ostlund and Kulich, yet the breakdown of his skills indicate he is a top line forward potential:
Skating: <strong>Above </strong>NHL average
Puck skills: NHL average
Hockey sense: <strong>Above</strong> NHL average
Compete: <strong>Above</strong> NHL average

Nikita <strong>Novikov</strong> did not make the top 19, but he was one of the best players during the three on three competition.
He will be one of the players for me to watch very carefully during the prospect challenge.

Finally, 17th Ryan Johnson, will probably be in the NHL before the end of the season.

Over the past 7 seasons Buffalo has drafted extremely well.
They may have as many as 15 drafted players in the NHL in the next 3 years.
2017 Casey-UPL
2018 Dahlin-Samuelsson
2019 Cozens-Johnson
2020 Quinn-Peterka
2021 Power-Rosen
2022 Savoie-Ostlund-Kulich
2023 Benson-Wahlberg
Then add in Strbak, McCarthy, Poltapov, Navikov etc.

They were able to get a third back for Portillo and an NHL LHD (Stillman) for our sixth over all pick from the 2021 draft (Bloom).
IMO that speaks volumns of what the other NHL GM's think of the Buffalo prospects.</div></div>

Yeah, I honestly think he dropped them to 3 just because they lost Dahlin and he didn't think we could justify the fact they where still 1. Also, I think Pronman over values Zegras... Bedard I guess makes sense, but the depth is not there

Yeah, I think there is a few D prospects with better projections than he said like Lingren and Novikov as well that could make the NHL.
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