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Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 11, 2021 at 1:59 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>That sucks sorry to hear about your accident, like I said I have degenerative disc disease and know how much pain there truly is with back pain. I couldn't imagine having a broken back, backs are a pain in the *** to try to recover from because you can't do anything without using your back that is why recovery times can easily be extended for back issues. Yes there are varying failure rates depending on the study, I have seen as little as 0% and as much as 35% I tend to consider both ends of the spectrum as either a fluke or incomplete/inaccurate data. There is no way any doctor could have a 0% success rate as there is also no way a doctor could survive a career in medicine with a 35% failure rate. With a failure rate having such a wide range, the team trading for Eichel IMO wouldn't be as willing to trade major assets until he returned to game action. Imagine if Montreal traded Kotkaniemi + Primeau + 22 1st + Romanov ++ for Eichel before his surgery then his surgery either is a failure or is a success but he is only capable of playing bit only as a 60-70 point player for 3 more years before requiring surgery again and ending his career. We would have given up 3 major pieces and probably 50-60 years worth of man games for a guy who can't even finish out his contract. So I think IF Eichel was moved you may get 2 or 3 1st round picks (not on the form of players just picks) + 1 or 2 B or C prospects until He is fully recovered and returns to game action. Once he returns to game action and proves the surgery was at least somewhat successful, then you can ask for those primium pieces. For Shabbal18 to claim there is "NO RISK" and that "its being blown out if proportion on this site" is ludicrous! It's major back surgery of course there are huge risks!

Edit** sorry for quoating Shabbal I was arguing with him on a separate thread and mistook that one for this one lol.</div></div>

Very true, and thank you! And I hope your back gets better and you find long term relief. 🙏
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