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Forum: Armchair-GMTue. at 9:13 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>I think we are in agreement any variance is nuanced and de minimis
Okposo will be a Sabre in the 2023-'24 season but closer to Thompson current salary.
There is no reason to trade Girgensons, he is still signed for next year and plays up to his salary.
I think I may have expressed my opinion of Olofsson differently.
If Murray were to produce as well as he has this year, Karmanos will have some difficult decisions.
With Krebs and Peterka piling up the points in the AHL, who is the odd man out?
Olofsson as you correctly predict could bring prospect with the value of Pekar, a first and maybe more at the TDL.
Then Buffalo still has Skinner, Peterka, Krebs, Bjork, Girgensons at LW.
Or, move Mittelstadt to LW or Thompson to RW then put Krebs between Peterka and Quinn.
Cozens has started to produce faster than I had expected.
Consider this line up if Olofsson is traded for a first, second and a prospect similar to Laaksonen:
Skinner Cozens Thompson They are on pace to produce 90 goals this season
Murray Mittelstadt Tuch Alex may be the catalyst to get this line producing really well.
Peterka Krebs Quinn I think this the line playing in Rochester
Bjork Girgensons Okposo ("C") and the crash line

Let me close, we all tend to over value our prospects.
I think Boston fans are doing the with Lysell.
IMO he is still only a prospect playing with teenagers and producing decent results.
On the other Olofsson is in the NHL producing at 25 goal, 60 pt seasons.
To say Buffalo would be the team to add in a one for one trade is pure prejudice.</div></div>

Well before, we were talking about Okposo &amp; Girgs being traded Bc he thought room needed to be made for Murray &amp; Weissbach next year- and that’s insane to me

But i also think it’s crazy to trade Olofsson
Even though what you suggest would be good value for him,
the return is “futures” which may or may not work out
Why would we want that when we already have a young player in Olofsson who is producing here?
Doesn’t make sense

Moving a guy out like Bjork is reasonable if we wanna get another kid in the lineup
Like u said, all the kids might not work out

Right now, the top line is:
I’m not touching that for next year if it keeps producing

Now things get interesting as to how we make up the lines
Let’s say Cozens &amp; Mitts &amp; Krebs are in contention for 2C &amp; 3C,
and one of them moves to the wing
That gives us 3 other winger spots to fill in the middle6
Tuch takes one of those spots for sure

Assuming no other top9 quality forwards are brought in,
that would leave:
Quinn, Peterka, &amp; Asplund fighting for those last 2 spots

The only 1 (of those) who could reasonable fit on our defensive line would be Asplund
But we would also still have Bjork who fits well enough there with Girgs &amp; Okposo

So to me, it looks like the decision is basically:
Do the Sabres want all 3 of Quinn, Peterka &amp; Krebs to START the season on the roster?
If so, Bjork is moved or becomes the 13th forward
If NOT, then:
-Bjork is on that defensive line
-Asplund is in the top9 somewhere
-and one of Krebs, Quinn &amp; Peterka STARTS in the AHL and gets called up when there’s an injury- which will surely happen at some point, so whoever is “left out” at the start of the season will still get their shot up here sooner than later.
If they play well, Bjork gets scratched moving forward

I don’t think Olofsson is getting moved for futures so that we can keep Bjork in the lineup
Could he be moved for a young player who’s “ready” for the NHL, or for a stud prospect they like who will be ready soon?
Ok, i could see that
But i don’t think farther off futures like a late 1st, etc from someone makes sense
We’ve already got three 1sts in this next draft
And is good as it is,
Olofsson is already producing at a rate we’d hope for that pick to eventually reach

It only gets complicated if we were to bring in a forward like DeBrusk…. or whoever…. that would slot into the top9
But I’ll cross that bridge when it actually happens
Not gonna put too much thought into it until then
Forum: Armchair-GMTue. at 5:54 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>oh no i totally understand that debrusk would be the 2nd maybe even third piece i just wanted to know what else it would take
like for example
debrusk+ 2022 1st+ 2023 2nd or like beecher/ vaak/ lauko.

i like olofson he is a solid offensive threat with a deadly shot but his defence is horrendous he struggles to backcheck. when you are in the Dzone it is basically 4v5 when he is on the ice. Cassidy hates that, he may not punish players a lot but one thing he does punish players for is not backchecking and playing a team defence. a lot of teams prioritze team defence and backchecking so that is the only reason i don't see a lot of teams giving up a high tier prospect is because the only way they will sacrifice a player being horrible at defence and not really trying is if you are at the skill level of Patty kane but even then he still gets harped on for being one of the worst defensive players in the league. not to say you shouldn't value him to the degree you want to i'm just saying a lot of teams will not see him the same way purely because he is a one way player</div></div>

Then we simply keep him
It’s not like we are trying to trade him

I don’t think adding a late 1st &amp; late 2nd moves the needle enough for us
We are rebuilding, but we already have a bunch of picks

And Olofsson is young enough to fit into that timeline for us,
so i don’t think we are looking to move him

Is he a perfect player, of course not
But he’s a sniper, and we obviously need goal scorers like him
Who doesn’t?

Like i said, i don’t think he’s available
But if he were, I’d imagine we’d want a talented young player as the main piece
Someone closer to playing in the NHL than a late 1st or 2nd round pick would be- ownership is very tired of all the losing going on here
Forum: Armchair-GMTue. at 5:50 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>You are both correct, Buffalo does not need DeBrusk.
Murray looks very comfortable in the NHL.
Big players take longer to develop, only Tage is larger and look how long it took him.
Murray may find a spot in the NHL and that may make Olofsson available.

Check out these pre-draft predictions:
https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/sportsnets-2021-nhl-mock-draft-predicting-round-1-will-unfold/ only one of the five that has Rosen going before Lysell
IDK why Buffalo would have passed on a RHD.
While Laaksonen appears to be able to score in the AHL, he is the ONLY RHD prospect.
Boston has plucked many top defensemen from lower picks. Charlie McAvoy 14th, Brandon Carlo 37th, Jeremy Lauzon 52nd, Matt Grzelcyk 85th, Dougie Hamilton 9th.
It appears too many teams passed on Lysell because none of the pre-draft prediction have him lasting until 21st.
On the other hand Olofsson is playing well, but he would not be on Boston's top six.
Hall and Marchand have LW locked up, Olofsson could play his off wing, IDK if this is how Boston sets up their line up.
One parting shot Lysell is a prospect it is not certain that he can produce in the NHL.
Olofsson has proven he can produce.
While his career is only 130 deep, he averages 25 goals and 58 pts over a 82 game season.

I spent too much time on this post, I doubt any one will read everything I posted or check the links.</div></div>

Sure, big guys do take longer to develop generally
That just another reason they aren’t going to insert Murray into the lineup to get rid of Okposo, who is already playing well in his role
Plus, Okposo is one of the leaders of this group &amp; wears an “A”
Plus, even with half retained, i doubt there’s be many suitors &amp; i highly doubt that we’d get anything of value back for him
Plus, we NEED his cap hit to get to the floor next season

And i doubt Girgs goes anywhere as well,
unless some team out there wants to give us a 1st for him
And that’s pretty unlikely imo
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Thread: Retoolin
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sabres89</b></div><div>I think part of the problem with the sabres over the last decade is the poor business decisions. One of the few things they have going their way is cap space, and they have plenty. They should be weaponizing cap space, taking short term cap dumps and getting the best picks possible for them. We are really doing vancouver a solid here, hes not a 6m player, and almost nobody is taking cap dumps. If you can charge for something, dont give it away. Also, im not even sure if the pegulas would take on extra cap right now. The johnny boychuk trade is actually pretty shrewd, his cap hit is 6, but it only costs the sabres 1.25m in actual money. The sabres after a decade of mismanagement are finally playing in front of 5000 people in their own barn, even if the sabres tickets are relatively cheap, thats a big hit, im guessing that every penny the sabres spend over the floor right now is coming from the pegulas directly. I do hope they sign off on weaponizing cap, but it better be first round picks.</div></div>

Yeah, i agree with pretty much all of that
Only thing is that it’s gonna be hard to get 1st round picks in these next 2 drafts- especially a team like Vancouver’s Bc it’ll likely be a lottery pick
Maybe if we took Myers off their hands, and threw them FLA’s 1st (which would obviously be lower in the round), then we could get their 1st (probably top5 protected) and a 2nd from them
Or something like that
Tough to say, as I’m sure it could get complicated