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Forum: Armchair-GMDec 8 at 9:15
Thread: Radical
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BurgerBoss</b></div><div>I think CBJ is going to decline this. The thought is something certainly new and different and I kinda like it, but the biggest problem for CBJ in this move is that they're not a contender, and most likely not going to be a contender for the several years to come. This is where Andersen's age makes an issue. Assuming that he re-signs with the Jackets, he's turning 32 that year. Now assuming more that the team might reach a contending status in just about 5 years...Andersen might is well out of his prime, and maybe declining. At that point also Marner has long moved from Columbus, making a Panarin in a sense. The value is good, but the team you're trading the assets is just wrong...

Also Holland is never going to pay that much for a mid-6 winger. That's a big-time overpayment.</div></div>

5 stars for the idea, the out of the box thinking, and the debate that was generated from Tircksters AGM.

After reading through the thread over coffee this morning (which was a good way to start the day, btw) I think your post, Burger Boss, hits the nail on the head. I agree, the value seems good, but I'm not sure it's a fit given where each team is at and because of the recent history of Columbus not being able to retain pending ufas.

I could see how Seth Jones might be offered up if Columbus decides to hit a full rebuild, but if they do I'd imagine that it'd be a deal for a bucket full of picks and some top tier prospects of the Sandin variety. I think if Jones is ever traded it's to set the stage for something similar to what Ottawa is doing. The Sens take alot of flack but I think they're in a good spot to turn the team around in a couple years with guys like Chabot/Tkachuk, the picks they have now, plus the ones they're likely to get when they unload this years ufas.

If the leafs are seriously interested in trying to land Jones the best approach might be to unload Muzzin/Barrie and whatever Ceci can bring for every pick they can get and package that this summer with Sandin and/or Lily/Roberston to try and pry Jones free. Of course, that doesn't resolve what needs to be done to resign Andersen, but I agree with Random, it makes sense to keep a goalie like Freddy as long as you can even if that means that he walks at the end.

The other side of the coin here is that if the leafs try to unload Muzzin/Barrie for hopefully a first each then that's a pretty clear indication that they're folding up the tent on this season in order to retool a bit for next year. I'm not opposed to that approach at all if the leafs are on the outside looking in at the TDL.

Anyways, great atm idea by Trickster. And solid post in your response, BB. The idea of looking ahead to what needs to done given that Andersen and Rielly are coming up is something Toronto must be thinking about now. Increasingly, Ithough, I'm thinking one of the high priced forwards might need to go at some point to rebalance thier cap structure (which Trickster did here with Marner). Either that, or the Leafs better hope that the cap takes a huge jump in the next couple years. Otherwise somethings gotta give.