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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>I edited my comment to include after your quote

“I’d only guess this is strategically to either somehow get Mercer and a first or when they settle on a lower price point that leads to Holtz.”

Anyways I do appreciate and it is a good move - but it could backfire/ kill NJD as a suitor. And for a proper rebuild to help Eklund and Bords it needs to begin this TDL, Wilson/ Hasso delayed it long enough.

As for Bords and Eklund; I love them and subjectively value them more than Mercer sure. But objectively Mercer is in the NHL right now; and he’s playing incredibly well and is play the game that made him so highly touted (ie hasn’t changed his game or had to be better). He’s just such a energetic player to watch.</div></div>

Sorry I didn't see that! I absolutely agree mercer holds a ton of value, especially for the sharks who don't have a ton of strong skaters. The reason mercer is prolly a deal breaker for the sharks is holtz value seems to have fluctuated a lot this year ie differences in Pronmans U23 list compared to HW drafter prospects list and he seems just as close to being a 3rd line player as a top line player. Add on top of that the sharks would be adding yet another clunky skater to a team that really one has 1 elite skater and two fast players in kaut and gregor. If it is a dealbreaker for NJ then I think/hope the sharks walk away from the deal and look to keep him (MeierHertlEklund) and our cap situation starts to open the year after next or find a different team to trade with.
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