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Forum: Armchair-GM21 hours ago
Forum: NHLTue at 10:58 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>The thing is if you have David Rittich starting in the playoffs, then you’ve already lost the series unless the team you’re facing has also lost their starting goalie.

And if the Leafs resign Foligno or Rittich, then they’re immediately making themselves worse because it means they won’t be able to resign one of Hyman or Andersen.

And sure, the Leafs would be justified in the trade if Foligno ends up being a valuable piece of a cup winning team, but the whole point of this thread is to judge trades now and project the likely outcome of these, and a Toronto Stanley Cup win is not likely whatsoever.

And Glendening isn’t any better than Turris. Carter would retire if traded to Edmonton, and the rest don’t fit the right shot C they wanted. Plus after last year, Holland isn’t going to make any rash decisions by trading away picks for players that don’t help.

And you can’t get upset at Winnipeg for overpaying for the single top 4 defenseman that was moved at the deadline. Plus, IMO Heinola could probably be just as good or better than Savard, and by not adding anyone big they aren’t blocking him.

:tearsofjoy And I’ll definitely hold it against you that in the unpredictable NHL you’re so sure that Toronto will make it to the conference finals because they added an extra 3rd liner. You do know that they have Alex Galchenyuk on their 1st line, right? Get back to me in 2 months and we’ll see how that went.

I don’t understand how you can think this. The top 4 teams in the division are all good and very similar to each other. IMO anyone can beat anyone, and it would be unsurprising to see any of the teams in the conference finals.</div></div>

Jordie Benn a top 4 dman? You cant be serious lmaooo.
Forum: NHLMon at 9:56 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>Foligno is still a decent player, but he isn’t worth a 1st in a buyer’s market when you look at what Hall and Palmieri got in return. They paid the highest price for the 3rd best forward rental.

No matter what Rittich isn’t needed. The Leafs are a lock to make the playoffs and it’s extremely likely that they win the division, so it wouldn’t really matter if they lost a few points by playing Hutchinson. And Campbell is obviously able to play the playoff games if Andersen is out.

You can’t blame Edmonton. They don’t have any cap space and who do you think they should’ve gotten that ended up getting traded? Kulikov was a solid pick up, and neither of their other needs (2nd line LW, Right Shot 3C) were available on the market, other than Hall who they wouldn’t have been able to fit under the cap.</div></div>

Sure, but they addressed the weaknesses they have went out and got the players. Foligno is just icing on the offense cake that TOR has. Andersen has carried most of the goaltending weight of TOR. Cambell has played 11 games itd be nice to have some more insurance when it comes to goal tending and rittich provides that. If Campbell falters Rittich is decent enough to carry his weight. Dont really want Hutchinson starting in the playoffs if freddy is injured and Cambell cant cut it.

Yes edmonton is cap strapped but theyre essentially the same top heavy team they were last year. Turris failed as 3C so maybe Zajac, soderberg, raffl, Bennett, carter, or glendenning. Never said kulikov was a bad pickup just that what they did was not enough to set them apart from their competition.
Forum: NHLMon at 7:53 pm
Biggest Losers

Capitals: Capitals got a 3rd for Siegenthaler who has barely played this year (dont know if he was injured most likely taxi squad) which seems like a steal. Maybe he gets something going in NJ. They also pick up Raffl who is pretty good with retention not a bad pickup. But the trade that absolutely tanks them is the Panik/Vrana/1st/2nd for Mantha. Mantha isnt a bad player by an stretch, in fact hes comparable to Vrana in terms of production but is more injury prone. But the cost of getting rid Panik was a first and a second? That is a steep steep price to pay.

Oilers: Edmonton is having a great year so youd think theyd splurge a little as a reward right? Well they got Kulikov for a conditional pick. Thats it. Holland is probably being conservative but kind of a lackluster deadline for them.

Hurricanes: Another disappointing deadline, instead this time they lost the only trade they made. Fluery had a good year last year and is still young and they trade for a pick and a 29 year old. Carolina is a young team with a lot of success so it makes a little sense to stand pat but you want to see them reward their young team.

Canucks: What is benning doing? He didnt do anything terribly awful like trading away a first for nothing but still a mismanagement of assets. Nucks lose underperforming 3C Gaudette for a bottom 6 forward.
Downgrade a 4th for 5th for some reason and get a 6th for Jordie Benn which is fine I guess.

Sabres: You knew this one was coming. First off let me just say Im very sorry Buffalo fans you guys have been through a lot of pain. The Sabres deadline started off decent getting a 3rd for Montour. Florida gets a replacement for Ekblad while BUF gets a decent pick. Probably could have gotten more but not horrible. Now to the <em>other</em> trade. Hall once had 93 points. Hall is a consistent 60 point player (at a minimum). Yes he was having an awful awful year but teams would bet that on his past history as a player and see that its not the norm. Teams will definitely pay the price to get him even if hes having a bad year. Alas Buffalo trades him the day before the deadline (Around midnight). How?? How can you not wait and call someones bluff to get more value out of hall? You get a late second and an inconsistent middle 6 winger for him? Truly awful asset management. I'd be livid if I was a sabres fan but Im sure all their feelings are used by being let down for the thousandth time by management. You will be good someday Buffalo I'm rooting for you.

DMs (dishonorable mentions):

Jets: You got Jordie benn. Cool. For a serious contender they didnt make a splash at all.
Wild: Your team is finally exciting with Kaprizov and you do *checks notes* absolutely nothing. Should have done something considering how well your team is playing.
Predators: You have Gudbranson and thats an automatic loss although you got him for nothing so its like you won but on the other hand its nothing.
Forum: NHLMon at 6:19 pm
Biggest Winners:

Bruins get Hall for a steal. A late second and Anders Bjork who seems to have flashes of greatness but cant put it together. Maybe he finds his potential in Buffalo with more playing time but hes probably a middle 6 forward at best. Hall should have gotten a first despite his scoring woes in Buffalo considering his past track record, but Buf did the trade seemingly at or around midnight before the trade deadline. Youd think if they stuck to their guns they could have gotten more not sure what they were thinking. Mike Reilly is a pretty good pickup too maybe a tad of an overpayment but the real win is Hall.

Red Wings:
Wings trade nemeth for a 4th which is fair value. They also help facilitate a trade between CBJ/TBL for a 4th while also getting rid of Lashoff an ahler. Pick up Verbeek and a pick for Jon Merill who signed as an ufa this season so basically free assets. And to the biggest trade. Vrana and Mantha are about equal in value but Mantha has injury issues and is a year older. Vrana was scoring at a top 6 forward rate while getting 3rd line minutes and he also fits the red wings wtyle of play better than Mantha. When you add on the fact that they get panik a slightly overpaid but still productive forward, 2021 first, and 2022 second this is just a massive overpay by the caps to get rid of paniks contract but I guess thats the price to pay this season.

Blue Jackets:
Getting rid of nash for basically nothing to TOR and TOR using it for ltir space is a smart move for both teams. Jarmo proceeded to fleece 2 teams of their first round picks and them some. CBJ gets a 3rd and 1st for David Savard 50% retained with some help from the Red Wings. Savard is pretty good but first rounder good, even if its the 31st overall good? Not that great but Jarmo got it done anyways not to mention that 3rd round pick too. TOR then bought N.Foligno for a 1st and a 4th 50% retained. Again historically, not the type of player youd expect to garnish a first rounder but Jarmo made it happen. Jarmo is one of my favorite GMs in the league and that he was able to accomplish this very impressive.

Can we call Hinostroza a deadline deal? It was done in april...IM COUNTING IT! Hawks trade an AHLer/ECHLer for an NHLer with a down year and proceeds to get 2 assists in his first 2 games with the hawks. Id say thats a win. Hawks then trade Wallmark signed as ufa in offseason and underperformed and bottom pairing/7th dman Carlsson for Brett Connolly, middle 6 winger, Riley stillman bottom pairing/7th dman and Henrik Borgstrom highly touted first round pick playing in Finland now. Hawks give up nothing of value except cap space for a guy that can probably bounce back (Connolly) and still young talented center. Oh yeah there was 7th pick. Gaudette had a great year last year and has the potential to be a 3C and is a year younger than Highmore who is a bottom 6 forward who works hard. Hawks get Dickinson (ahler) and Rolston (has potential) for soderberg. Probably the weakest trade of all but not nothing. Upgrade a 5th to a 4th for free from bowey who we signed this season who was on taxi sqaud for 99% of the time here. Hawks get a 2021 2nd ad 2022 3rd for Janmark 50% retained. Janmark got a bigger return than Hall. What a great return for a player that had cooled off heading to the TDL.

Getting rid of nash for basically nothing to TOR and TOR using it for ltir space is a smart move for both teams. Toronto definitely overpaid for Foligno but that doesnt make him a bad pickup. Hes a big body that can still score and be productive in the playoffs. Where he'll be in the lineup is another discussion but he should be on the third line on a loaded TOR offense. Stefan Noesen is a good backup who can play bottom 6 minutes if needed. Rittich is a super solid goalie and Leafs have a good 1A/1B situation going on not to mention Hutch and Andersen! Deal was very fair but TOR gets a need for fair value. Ben hutton has been more productive and could very well be the 6th dman for them because hes pretty good but the team is deep and he might be 7th man. Leafs get Antii Suomela who Ive never heard of before but ok.
Seems Dubas got his wants the day before the TDL and had minor trades to end. Overall very solid deadline.

HM: Sharks/Avalanche/Islanders

Sharks: Got in on a lot of cap retention trades for free picks, got a decent played in Pateryn, young goalie in Chrona and maybe something in barbanov? Either way got themselves involved and got some free stuff out of it.
Avalanche: Didnt make any big moves but I like the pickup of Dubnyk for their weakest position. Good depth moves with soderberg and Nemeth who are already familiar with Colorado.
Islanders: Islanders pulled off a good hockey trade for Palmieri and Zajac who are both solid then proceeded to trade for Coburn who is not great.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 3:09 pm
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 1:18 pm