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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>Okay, I had to go back and make sure I watched the hit about 20 times before I responded to you.

First things first, no doubt agree with the part about getting hit when he was down, definitely out of line. Secondly, and this is just an opinion, I would argue it wouldn’t have been boarding if he fell straight down instead of hitting the boards (yes, I know it’s called “boarding” for a reason). That being said, here’s where i differ in opinion. Dach was not hit from behind, as he was passing he turned his body into the oncoming player. The player caught dach the chest/shoulder area. Sure dach wasn’t facing him head on, but it was a far cry from being hit from behind.

I don’t and definitely will not question whether or not he handles concussions differently. He’s a human being and it does mess with him like anyone else. However, What concerns me is how easily he was hit. In all honesty, he looked like a 150 lb. player getting launched into the boards. That was my concern and where I question him. Did dach really believe no one was back checking him??? Is he really that weak that a guy launched him like that into the boards??? The cross check while down is inexcusable, and yes, it probably a boarding call only because he did hit the boards. But he put himself in that position to be hit in such a manner. He was the inexperienced one who couldn’t take a hit. Not in the receiving the hit manner, but rather being strong on your feet and using your 200 lbs to brace yourself. Like I said, did he really think no one was following him?

That’s why I am deeply concerned with his ability to play the physical style he was drafted for. I know I’m being harsh, really I do, and I do apologize. But take away his hands and what is he? Cuz it isn’t a power forward apparently. I don’t have to like that we took him, but I do have to accept it, or pray to god he actually has some trade value down the road.</div></div>

I agree with you about being worried about the size difference, he was pushed down by one of the pilon brothers (Yes thats their name lol) Both Drake and Darien are listed at 5'10 which is pretty short. While it is a little worrying hes at the start of his professional career and will get bigger and stronger. i think its a little early to have thoughts of trading him now, at least wait a year and see what hes got.