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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BigDog91</b></div><div>Why did jets have to trade trouba for nothing. Why do oilers have to trade jesse puljujärvi. Eric Lindros. A team will not waste a year of player of that caliber when they could get assets for him.</div></div>

This is where the Nylander Dubas assumptions come in. Nylander wanted 8+ on a bridge deal, Dubas wanted 6.6 x 6. They settled on the last day for Dubas' term and 300k more than he wanted. The Jets traded trouba because of their cap crunch, and how he spoke out about how he didn't want to be there for 3+ years. They realized he would leave as a UFA. he had to be moved to retain some value. Pulujarvi has yet to be traded and the oilers made it clear they won't accept anything less that what they believe is fair value.

If Marner doesn't sign by training camp, he won't play this year. The leafs can't afford a pro rated contract. But if you look at his agent Darren ferris, he has a history of sitting out till training camp and then signing for very close to what the team wants.
If the leafs were going to pay Marner 10+ on a short deal, he would be signed now. he's getting 10+ at 6 years+, 4 and 5 years are all but off the table, and 8-9.5 at 2-3 years.

Marner is no more valuable than Aho, and if Dubas proved anything by the Nylander negotiation, he isn't afraid to hold out so that he doesn't sign a player friendly deal.

The leafs would sit out with Marner because there likely isn't deals coming in that would be worth it. The leafs have a window of about 6-8 years where they can contend. Marner sitting out a full season would be far more detrimental to his career than the leafs run. He wouldn't sit out.
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