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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Sure. Anaheim's rebuild is going well, probably better than expected, but instead of proceeding with a construction that should start to bear fruit in 2025, let's abandon it and take some futures that won't turn into actual NHLers until 5 seasons from now, if ever.

The idiotic comments about "overpayment" expose the lack of understanding about a basic and inescapable truth . . . no amount of delayed potential overrides the value of proven talent on the ice now. That's why, for example, you could offer Edmonton TEN first-round draft picks for Connor McDavid and the Oilers would be morons to accept.</div></div>

That's right cause Anaheim would never have traded Conner Bedard for Zegras before last year's draft?! There is definitely such thing as an overpayment for proven NHL players and <strong>you</strong> have said as much in the past every time you have seen Habs fans saying Anderson is worth a 1st round pick, so you are a hypocrite, just cause Zegras plays for your favorite team doesn't mean his value is that of McDavid, the fact that you even used McDavid as a comparison proves how out of touch you are, players get traded every year for picks and prospects, hell even Gretzky was traded for a combination including picks and prospects. Nowhere did I say Anaheim should do it, I just said it was an extreme overpay that Montreal would never offer in the first place. As someone above said the OP should be targeting teams on the downswing from contention not those on the upswing like Anaheim, Ottawa or Buffalo