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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>evelutions2</b></div><div>Montreal won’t be getting a first for Monahan. As for better centers available, just off the top of my head, we have already established ROR, but there is also Domi, Bennett, Reinhart, Hayes (especially at half retained), Toews (half retained), PLD (as a pure rental, and maybe 1 extra year before he walks, assuming Jets are willing to move him at deadline), Shmaltz, and hell, even Henrique are all better/more viable, or are the very least are less injury prone. And that’s definitely not all the C that would be available.

Monahan has so little value even with half retention just because of his inability to stay in the lineup. It took a first to dump him, there is nobody in the league who is going to give up a first for him outside of every other available C getting injured or just straight up dying, with a team being extremely desperate for a C.</div></div>

ROR is definitely better as is Henrque. Domi sucks defensively and is not as good offensively, Bennett and Reinhardt are about equal with Monahan but I would give Monahan a slight edge as far as tradability due to his expiring contract and the Habs ability to retain on it without messing up next years cap and with the Cats trying to push for a playoff spot they arent moving either Bennett or Reinhardt. Toews is old and slow and isn't better than Monahan at all anymore. PLD is not available with the Jets in the playoffs. Hayes half retained might be a better option but the Flyers aren't retaining on Hayes for 4 years any more than the Habs are retaining on Gallagher or Anderson. So your options are Domi who isn't better than Monahan and Toews who is too old and slow to keep up.
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