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Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 12:13 p.m.
Thread: Rumors
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Windjammer</b></div><div>And they dumped Evander Kane as soon as they could.

Scheifele hitting Evans isn't related to Mailloux at all. You're just upset and reacting emotionally because it happened to your player. But like it or not, one happened in a game and one happened in real life and the one that happened in real life has real life consequences.

We're getting really off topic here, so we should probably move on.

You don't have to like it, or agree with it, but playing in the NHL is a privilege and Jets ownership can choose to employ whoever they want for whatever reasons they want. They don't have to employ a player just because you think what he did isn't that bad.</div></div>

Did they? Did they Really?

I mean we dumped Subban ASAP
We took our sweet time with Pacioretty
By comparison it took WPG an enternity to do something about Kane .
Kane they knew what they were getting into after 6 years and a relocation with him , Cant say otherwise.

I never said the two were related
You brought up Character and i toasted you because of it on every level.
Until then i 100% agreed with you so stop making excuses and own it
You're just trying to say Schiefele can be as horrible to players and Chefs on and off ice with no responsibility ever being taken .

But a 17 year old who owned his actions , paid for his crimes and has done a lot to raised awareness on the subject is a lesser person . . . .
Had you just not brought up the "character " non sense we'd be sitting here agreeing still

Its like when you got on Anderson because Habs fans posted admittably Horrible low ball trades for weeks so you began spamming posts with this "Cap dump " non sense.
We had a debate and in the end we agreed on about 90% of everything once i realized what was triggering your bias.

Im not saying Schiefele is Evil im asking you to have some consistency .
If Mailloux in his situation can be so wrecklessly labeled like you did to him earlier .
Its 100% justifiable to hold someone who's shown no remoarse accountable as we have Schiefele .

You dont have to like it but Double Standards get called out and Intent always matters as much as Actions.
Mailloux's shown he's evolved and has went above whats asked and beyond .
Has Schiefele ? No
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