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As we are approaching the end of the UFA Bidding Period, this is a <em>final reminder</em> that all RFAs <strong>must be signed by Saturday, July 15th</strong>, or they will become UFAs and will be added to Day 16 of UFA bidding on Sunday, July 16th.

The linked <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">RFA Sheet</a> has been updated to show which RFAs have been signed, and which are still unsigned. If it says "signed", "intend to match", etc, beside your player's name that means you are good. If not, that means you either still have to post their signing, or send us a contract offer, or match the player's irl deal. (Note: RFAs who were signed early on in the season have already been recorded in the contract database, and thus are not listed on the sheet, ie they are fine).

Only players/contracts that have been posted in either the <a href="">Contract Matching Thread</a> or <a href="">RFA Extension Thread</a> have been recorded. It is <strong>your responsibility</strong> as GM to make sure you have matched/signed everyone that you intend to keep. Simply reaching an agreement with BOG will not do, the contract <strong>must be posted</strong>, and be in the correct thread.

If you think there is a mistake on the sheet, or if you have any questions, please reach out to a BOG member by Saturday. Thanks.