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Forum: Armchair-GMApr 28 at 5:15
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ErikJohannsen</b></div><div>I took into consideration Matthews and Eichel as comparable contracts. I would love it to be cheaper but I'm just trying to be realistic. Have you ever watched this guy play hockey?</div></div>

I used Eichel as a benchmark for a long term Pettersson deal and had him at the pretty much the same deal as you do now. But I think that his negotiating power has been hurt after this year.

The number one reason why is he hasn't been able to prove that he can stay healthy. He's missed a decent amount of time over his first three years but especially this year. This was a big focus for Boeser during his negotiations as well. Eichel got one full year in (his rookie year) but Pettersson has missed time in all three.

The second reason would be that his PPG actually declined this year in the relatively small number of games he played. He simply scored at a higher rate in year 1 and 2 than he did in year 3.

The biggest thing he has going for him is that he lit up the Playoffs. That's huge, but it did happen last year before his scoring declined. Draisaitl tore it up during the Playoffs and got a very expensive (at the time) long term contract. He's a PPG Playoff player, which is a decent bit better than Barzal.

I think both player and team will be happy with a bridge deal here. The big ticket will come once the flat cap is at least closer to being lifted and the new TV deal kicks in. Pettersson will bet on staying healthy and bouncing back and the team will make sure he can do that before committing.
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 23 at 4:17
Thread: Next Year
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 19 at 3:13
Thread: Best Case
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wqrrior</b></div><div>I feel like that partner might come in as whoever we draft this year. I don't have any desire to splurge on either assets or FA $ this offseason on a defenseman. Its a weak defensive FA class (at least IMO on the right side), so I would sooner stick with Hamonic. There's room to grow on the defense core, and Edler continues to age, but the 2nd half of the year the defense core has looked pretty decent. I actually think our most pressing need is to actually HAVE a 3rd line. I would go so far as to say Vancouver has dressed the worst third line in the league all year. This is part of why I'm on board with Pearson's resign and his future role.
I just don't see the centers being dispersed this way long term. Its a neat idea and might be used in the odd game here or there, but Miller isn't the 3C we urgently need. Its kinda like trying to repair a wall by shoving steel wool in it - great temporary fix, but not ideal long term.

My Offseason Priorities:
- Obviously the 2 RFAs (I can get behind these values, Petey might cost a bit less than we expect after this year)
- Buy out Loui.
- Bring back Hamonic on the cheap.
- Sign Podkolzin
- Search high and low for a new 3C
- if there is leftover money, I'm not opposed to giving Sutter a contract around what you gave him

Edit: In response to the OP's response:

- Gosh I'd love pulock. I think he's literally the best option for Quinn in the entire league -- also the only guy leaguewide I would straight up trade Brock for. But I highly doubt it ever happens. Honestly I only seeing someone like him coming into our system through the draft. There's some decent defenders in the top 10 this year. Hoping we get one.</div></div>

I agree with you on our 3rd line. A stronger 3rd line that wouldn't get caved in would make our team defense look a lot better without actually adding any new defensemen. I think running this proposed 3rd line would be a major upgrade and make a huge difference to our team.

I agree with your priority list but with some adjustments. I don't want to buy out anyone and leave dead cap in the future. I also think that there aren't many potential 3C candidates available now, especially with Lowry re-signing. He would have been my ideal addition for that spot probably. With Miller saying that he likes playing center, I don't think it would be the worst thing for a year.
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 19 at 2:35
Thread: Best Case
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ErikJohannsen</b></div><div>I like that you put some thought into your decisions and gave supporting reasoning but I find it interesting that you didn't make a single move to address the Canucks' greatest weakness on the blue line. Also, i don't think Shwartz and Hoffman are comparables, especially in their UFA positions. Hoffman is a controversial player off the ice but also on the ice as he is great at one thing, with that being scoring goals, but bad at everything else. So it's much riskier to sign a player like Hoffman than Schwartz. With that being said, I think priority Number 1 for the Canucks is to find a defence partner for Hughes.</div></div>

Yup addressing the defense is the biggest need for this team right now. I don't think there are many great options to do so right now though. I focused on creating a deep and dangerous forward core while essentially bringing back the same defense. Next offseason there will be cap space to use and we can go after someone like Jones (who has WHL connections and might have played for Green) or Pulock. For this year I think the Canucks could do decently well with this upgraded forward core, and then next year really solidify the defense to become a true contender on paper.

I see what your saying about Schwartz. This is based on Schwartz not getting satisfying offers anywhere else and choosing to bet on himself. With Hoffman those offers didn't seem like they were there at all. Say Schwartz was getting offers similar to Toffoli's deal but he wanted over 5M or something like that. I don't know how likely that is but it would be a great fit for the Canucks. Other options for a potential one year deal would Palmieri, Granlund, Tatar or Stastny depending on how their contract negotiations go in FA.