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Forum: Armchair-GMOct 13, 2019 at 5:37
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CapFriendlysFinest</b></div><div><strong>Im just going copy and paste the same thing with what I think they all deserve.</strong>

Payers that will be resigned:
Mantha - around $7M
AA - around $5 (I dont think hes going be as productive as everyone thinks. Especially not 7 million dollars worth).
Bertuzzi - around 3$ bridge deal. 5 million is too steep for a guy who could turn into an Abdelkader. Im not saying he will, but no one thought Abdelkader would just stop scoring.
Howard - around $2 million. We all know hes going have a bad year due to a learning defense. If he askes for 4 million on a one year deal, let him walk and pick up someone much cheaper. The team is rebuilding not over paying for players who used to play for the team

That brings the roster 14 and cap space $21.5M

Players that more than likely will be signed:
Hirose - around $2M (depends on his season but i could see up too 2 million)
Kaski - around $925K Cant see him making over a million
Bowey - around $1.5M fair deal if he stays

I'm not sure could go either way:
Svechnikov - between $1M and $3m (this one is the most interesting to me, Cause if he plays, and he scores like we all know he can, it could be even more. Yet he has to stay healthy.
Kuffner - around $1M
Erne - around $1M

So honestly, lets say they have around 12.5 million in cap. Its still alot of cap space</div></div>

I saw this on the Athletic in an article on demographics in the NHL by James Mirtle

"The Red Wings, meanwhile, get the award for most 30-plus players, as they incredibly have nine on the roster, including four who are 35-plus. That’s hard to do given there are only 26 across the entire NHL. Steve Yzerman has a lot of work to do getting that group younger and more competitive."

Detroit is finally getting rid of a couple players over 30 it would be stupid to bring another one in. Seriously I'd rather have Ericsson or Daley for 3 more seasons than JJ. Now if Pittsburgh takes Abdelkader back instead of DLR ok it will start to make sense. DLR has been more valuable to Detroit than Abdelkader has, but Pittsburgh doesn't want him.

I think AA will get close to last seasons goal mark and he will have more assists playing with Hirose and Filppula or Glendening at center. Yzerman wants to move AA to the wing to limit defensive responsibility and open him up for more scoring chances and Hirose proved he could keep up with AA and most his points last season came from him playing with AA. Then putting Filppula and Glendening at center both are very responsible defensively. Plus without AA Detroit really doesn't have a scoring threat that opposing need to worry about outside of that first line. We have some prospects in the AHL that will probably be able to take pressure off that top line but we aren't even sure when they will be called up it might not be until next season. If they were good to make an impact right away they would already be on the team and since they aren't when they come up it will take time to adjust.

I'm just saying AA is more important to the team than a lot of people realize. What if Detroit wants to make a run at a free agent like Krug. You can't do that if you take on jj as a cap dump. There is absolutely no way JJ helps Detroit and in most situations he hurts Detroit. The draft this year is supposed to be full of talent and Detroit gives away a 3rd this year and gets a 1st in 2021 which is more like the 2017 draft.
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