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Forum: Armchair-GMThu. at 6:56 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>Me!? lol Do you know how much of a whiny little baby soy boy you look like with your posts on here, and not just your posts to me!? Seriously, you're one of those "Life's just not fair" clearly depressed individuals who comes across as extremely angry, sad &amp; upset. Is everything okay with you!?

Kinger25 and I are Friends and have a history of banter on here. He's high on Liljegren and set in his opinion of what he feels the Leafs should be able to acquire Zadorov and/or Tanev for and regardless whether ppl tell him it's not gonna happen and try to trash his positon, the guy's a Champ and resilient. He just keeps posting each and every day what he feels should work and let's everyone know who is and who isn't available for Trade in terms of Leafs Players. Is he unhinged!?

Maybe have a conversation with fellow Leafs Fan Rajvinder who pretends to be a Former Member of The Leafs Front Office as a Consultant to Kyle Dubas. I don't prevent anybody from posting their thoughts, ideas and opinions on here, nor do I suggest others not too either, but he certainly does. There seems to be a mental illness going around that isn't just about gender theory, some people want to pretend to be "Furries" or "Former NHL Execs", hey, as long as it doesn't affect me, ADULTS can pretend to be whatever they want.

You on the other hand are pretending like you're some kind of internet security or police. If anybody is on a high horse here, it's YOU pretending to be a member of the Royal Canadian <strong>Mounted</strong> Police of the internet. You're like that embarrassing piece of toilet paper stuck to someone's shoe. You've jumped on me and decided to hump my leg for some reason. Is this reasonable and/or mature behavior!?

You're what's also referred to as a "Virtue Signaler", somebody who likes to point out when they think other ppl are being bad, AS IF it makes them good.... Well let me tell you something brother, it doesn't, it does the exact opposite. It makes YOU look bad actually. Why!? Because in your efforts to emancipate others, you actually make them out to be a bunch of cucks and weak little soy boy's unwilling or unable to speak out for themselves. As I mentioned, Kinger &amp; I are friends. If he has an issue with me or wants me to back off, he knows all he has to do is ask. He doesn't need a rather weak &amp; pathetic Social Justice Keyboard Warrior, like you, to jump to his safety or rescue. He's a man, not one of your children or dependents, and for the most part, we're all adults here capable of defending and speaking up for ourselves. IOW - Choosing to come out of nowhere and attack me in no way makes you a good or better person here at all, so stay in your lane or as you can clearly see, I'll run you over

You wanna talk hockey, talk hockey. You wanna do a bunch of grandstanding, go do it somewhere else and definitely anywhere other than too, by or near me; cause I ain't having none of it

Are you able to articulate, elaborate and provide any reasons as to why Liljegren is good or has much value, let alone similar value to Sandin!? Or is that just your feelings &amp; opinion and if so, why should I, let alone anyone, care or give you even a sliver of credibility or any kind of respect when it comes to the subject!?

BTW - I'm having fun, "Are You Not Entertained!?"</div></div>

You clearly have a lot of time on your hands there man...yes, I have been viewing this site since 2016 but I don't have the time to be writing unhinged rants in the comment section like you. I try to enjoy this site for the fun of it, but I let know it all people like you get to me sometimes.

I did not resort to insults, well I guess I said you were unhinged, which was clearly justified based on the comments you have left. However, every insult you have thrown at me like the child you are has no merit if you actually knew me - I guess I am the keyboard warrior though according to you.

According to the tone of your comments, excessive use of exclamation marks and caps, I would not be surprised if there is some level of narcissism here, or a lot...therefore trying to have a discussion with you would never work anyway.

Keep that resume dusted off, you never know an NHL front office might scoop you up from your comments on here. Seek help.
Forum: Armchair-GMThu. at 8:48 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>Please don’t try to pretend you know more about the Flames likes and needs in a Player than me. I don’t know it all, but I guarantee I know more about what fits and doesn’t with the Flames than you do. With Andersson, Weegar, DeSimone and Poirier, the last thing we want or need is Tiny Topi

Stick to your Leafs and pretending you know anything about their Players or GM, who I know better and more about than you as well

I mean, you can’t even justify why you value Liljegren, other than he’s a Young RFA who you think will be something in the future that he never will, so c’mon. You of all ppl should know better by now</div></div>

You're a real piece of work aern't you..."I guarentee I know more about what fits" and "I know more about your team then you as well". This should be a site where hockey fans can propose some trades and have some reasonable discussion, but it is ruined by unhinged people like you. Get off your high horse man, you're acting like you work in the Flames front office.

Liljegren would seem to carry similar value to what Sandin was traded for at the last deadline one would think, a late 1st round pick - based on how they both signed the same 2 year bridge contract as RFAs, both had similar careers to that point, both are young D drafted in the first round...Liljegren was more highly regarded in his draft year actually then Sandin was. But sometimes you never know with deadline deals.

There is a lot of rubbish posted on this site, but don't let it get to ya. Lighten up and have some fun, no one are experts here.