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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sk540</b></div><div>At first glance, I think edmonton would need a little more, perhaps another first or another top propsect, Leon just topped 100 points, he won't be traded for anything less than that talent.

Conversely, I think trading for Trouba's rights, that is a massive overpay. Now say Trouba has agreed with us to sign a contract extension, I still think thats a bit of an overpay, strictly because A. Nolan's potential, and B. The Jets are going to have to trade somebody with their cap issues, sort of like how Homer forced himself into the situation to trade gagne for walker. I think if they choose Trouba as the asset to unload, we could get him without having to trade NoPa, Frost, Farabee, Provy, Sanheim, or Myers. I would say they wouldn't mind Hagg, maybe ghost, and either a couple high picks or combo of picks/other prospects</div></div>

The way I see the Draisaitl trade is they get a puck moving/PP defenseman. Help improve their transitions and get into the offensive zone. Voracek is clearly a drop off compared to Draisaitl but he's still a very good player and could play with speed with McDavid. Add in the 11th overall pick in this years draft and get and getting rid of Russell's contract is more plus. But I'd be open to adding more depending on what they ask for.

With the addition of Draisaitl, I think you can move on from Patrick to fill a need. He's got potential and assuming he does reach it, would it be that much better than Coots are Draisaitl as they are now? Think he can be moved for a top RHD like Trouba. I'm high on Trouba because I think he can do it all. Think he's be a great partner to Provy. Sides everyone else down to a more suitable role. So WPG gets a center who long term and potentially slot behind Scheifele and a roster player in Hagg.
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