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Forum: Armchair-GMThu. at 9:21 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Small gap? Joseph is a lot better than Armia... particularly at ES defense and PK, and now offensively too. It's pretty easy to see when watching them play

Yes MJ didn't score ES goals last season but it's an anomaly. First, he played with terrible players all year (Sens had the worst bottom-6 in the NHL because Norris injury pushed Pinto on the 2nd line, Formenton also got "canceled" and Dorion stupidly traded Connor Brown for a 2nd due to his complete lack of foresight (we learned about the TC scandal BEFORE the off-season))

But the thing is Joseph has actually been a pretty decent goal scorer for having played 4th line minutes for the bulk of his career

Prior to last season, he scored 40 ES/PK goals in 232 games, which is 0.17 GPG at ES/PK

It doesn't seem like a lot but note that his career ES TOI/GP is 10:57 minutes per game

In comparison, Drake Batherson scored 37 ES goals in 227 career NHL games, which is 0.16 GPG at ES

DeBrincat last season? 16 ES goals in 82 games, 0.19 GPG at ES

These guys get significantly more minutes per game with better offensive players

Kubalik? 38 ES goals in 215 NHL games, which is 0.18 GPG at ES (again, more minutes with better linemates)

Nick Suzuki has 49 ES/PK goals in 291 NHL games, which is 0.17 GPG at ES, another guy who gets better minutes with better linemates

Kirby Dach has 24 ES goals in 210 NHL games, which is 0.11 GPG at ES

You see?

Why do you think that Kubalik has zero value? I also doubt Brannstrom would return "<em>almost nothing</em>" Good players return stuff, several teams would make place for them if they were up for grabs, at a discount too

Oh yeah like if Joseph never did anything good in his whole NHL career lol. Of course, this is only based on 2 preseason games


Armia was pretty decent in his first 2 years in Montreal but that's pretty much it</div></div>

Joseph is much better than Armia, I'll happily back you up to that!
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