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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>Based on Chemistry this doesnt add up
Based on Points this doesnt add up
Based on history of players development or role this doesnt add up

Monahan is one of the better 4th line Centers in the NHL bar none
He does more with the time he's given winning more faceoffs to boot.
Playing him above that role is risky and likely to decrease his value.
Only way Monahan above 4th C makes sense is if he's playing as Dach's support Center for when he gets waived out.
I could see him having an impact even in a short time like Thompson did on Suzuki over a 30 game period they were linemates

Dadanov was 2nd only to Suzuki in Production and tied with Caufield
If nothing else he's top 6 over a Purely PP player like Drouin or Hoffman
Dadanov's production largely comes at even strength

I still think Slavkovsky will start in AHL or end up on LTIR by November.
Watching him at prospect camp he was only confident in skills competitions.
When it was scrimmage's he seemed to struggle with the speed/timing of the game with a ton of unforced off sides on his part.
I'm not saying we should doubt him as he'll be a frigging All Star soon enough , just saying if we bring him up now he'll be worse for it.
Even if its just 30 games in Laval to get momentium going he'll need that time to adjust IMO
This is what they'll do to build their 5 UFA's this year and 5 UFA's next year and their value.




What about allen? And to say slaf will be ltir by November is nonsense
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