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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MTF</b></div><div>Say that all you want we all know it’s a flat out lie. JP was not even close to Laine in that draft. People were hyping Laine to be the next OV and some were even saying he’s as good as Matthews. They were clearly at a different level than JP who fell in the draft.

JP has shown literally nothing since then.

And where does he even fit on the pens???? Are you gunna play him on the fourth line and totally bone his development or in the top six and totally bone the team?</div></div>

I’m guessing you’re either really young or haven’t paid attention to the NHL for very long but it was a debate for literally the entire year.

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As far as afterwards yes, JP has not lived up to expectations but that’s the same with so many EDM prospects because they screw everything up with piss poor player development. If Pitt or another team got their hands on a talent like JP they could still turn his career around which is why JP wants a trade.

As far as the Pens logjam on the wings then yes there’s gonna have to be movement but there’s gonna have to be movement either way. They have to move cap space no matter what. JP would immedietely become one of their most talented singers and I’d plant him on Malkins wing to start to build his confidence.

This isn’t EA sports guy. Players are real people and this was a young kid put into a crappy situation in EDM and lost his confidence and is frustrated. It happens all the time. He is still young and ultra talented and someone is going to acquire him and revitalize his career. That’s why Holland is hesitant to even move him because his return is going to look awful in a year or two.
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Forum: Armchair-GMJul 28, 2019 at 1:54
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MTF</b></div><div>As a pens fan, I don’t want Jesse P at all. McCann moves to center if we move bjugs and that allows space for both ZAR and Simon to get in the lineup this year. Khaira provides an option at 4c which is important because blueger is unproven. And if blueger ends up playing really well we can move him up to 3c and put McCann in the top six.

JP would just be another sprong situation. It would hinder both him and the penguins.

Without the pens taking picks/prospects in return for bjugs, they aren’t gunna save cap space which is the whole point of the trade. It is absolutely necessary to sign Pettersson at all costs. Fans and front office are both huge on him. We are not in “win now” mode if we don’t sign him

Also I wouldn’t trade a third rounder for Jesse. If he can’t make the top six on the OILERS then he sure as hell isnt coming anywhere near the pens top 9 with jake, McCann, horny, rust, chucky, bjugstad and Kahun all as options on the wing (not to mention our depth wingers). Noooooooo thank you on JP. Keep him lmao nobody wants him or he’s be traded by now. Dude is gunna go for a third at best</div></div>

I love blueger as 4C but no way is he a 3C IMO. JP would only cost 1M this year and could end up being a steal. I hope McCann can step up to 3rd line C but they seem to like him on the wing. People forget how highly regarded he was leading up to draft. I think his situation is more a poor development issue in EDM and less of a talent issue. Pens develop players about as good as any other team and he could be a huge steal if he comes to Pitt and revitalizes his career. Save 3M on cap and get a top 3 pick from 3 years ago? I`d take that risk all day. Wouldn't be the first time the Pens properly deploy a failed EDM stud a la Justin Schultz.

There is a logjam on the wing it Pitt though but they could line up something like Guentzel-Crosby-Horny
Galchenyuk-Malkin-JP Kahun-McCann-Rust Simon-Blueger-Aston Reese
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ccc</b></div><div>Age is a huge factor, additionally I didn’t take away from Sid I felt I didn’t need to mention his abilities as he is already know as the best. But he’s mid 30’s and as a ranked POV not a fan, if you picking a player for a team it’s hard to argue someone who’s basically done what Sid has done if not more from a talent stand point won’t development sids mental (which mcdavid already similarly has) and his leadership with age and experience, is not more valued. McDavid is 22 or 23 I don’t feel like googling it. He is by far and any the most valued person in the NHL. As for the asking the player thing, no player will say “I’m better the Crosby”, that’s a bold and frankly stupid statement to make as hockey player, they do the chirping on the ice. Mackinnon is Crosby’s friend and Mcdavid is a respectful talented kid. You don’t come to be as success as him without being humble so lol that point is useless</div></div>

So what if Sid is 32 this year? He treats his body probably even better than Jagr did that’s almost irrelevant. How many players have career years or career highs in their 30s? Mark Giordano?!

Aging curves exist but it depends on the player and how they treat their bodies and their injury luck. Phil Kessel? probably going to decline in next couple years because he doesn’t take great care of his body. Sid arguably just had his best defensive season ever and put up 100 points on a team that was in shambles for most of the year. Before that he tore up the 2018 playoffs as his team fell apart. Before that he went back to back Stanley Cups/MVPs. He isn’t slowing down. You could argue he is only getting better to be honest.

If you are saying this is a projection for this year then sure, McDavid and Mackinnon could take the next step this year and challenge Sid but as of now it’s the same as it’s been for 12 years - 87 is alone on top.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 26, 2019 at 6:48