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Forum: NHL TradesJun 11, 2019 at 5:15
the question is, pre or post trade demand.

Honestly, 1st over all (possibly 2nd) in the draft, and maybe another 1st on top of it. That's what I think his value is.

If they got Hughes or Kaapo, or Lafrenière I think it's a fair trade.

Lots of people over value McDavid. I don't think he has the value of say a Crosby in his youth. I say that because McDavid sucks at faceoffs and his game is built solely on speed. The older he gets the more he'll slow down. That's nature. By his early 30s he won't be the same player as Crosby can be. I just don't see the longevity in his game. Especially as the game keeps getting faster and the other players are catching up to him. It makes him less of a threat on the ice when there are multiple players that can keep up with him.

There are some generational type players out there. Bergeron because you don't want to go against him in the faceoff circle. He gives his team such an advantage that way that it's hard to match.
Crosby because his hand eye coordination and instincts are off the chart.
Karlsson because he's just so dominate as a defense man at reading the ice.

But none of those traits are really age defined like McDavid's are. He'll only be the fastest player on the ice for so long. When that slips can anyone really say they see him being as dominate?
He'll be 23 next year. You hit your physical peak at 25-26. Then you go into decline. Most players can extend their peak into their early 30s through experience. But for McDavid, will that be the case? Experience isn't going to make his legs faster, and that is what he depends on. That's what worries me about him as a player. I see 0 growth in his game. So trading him for a 1st or 2nd over all is what I see as a fair trade. Either Hughes or Lafrenière could be better players than him in the long run. Especially Hughes who could be a player much like Crosby. Where it's his hand eye and his vision in the game that make him so dominate, not his legs.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 11, 2019 at 2:26
As a Kings fans, here are my problems with this:

Neither of the Arizona trades make sense for either team. The first one (DB+Anderson+Red) is a terrible trade for LA if it made sense. Anderson is a prospect the Kings would like to see develop in Ontario after captaining the WJ USA team. He's been a very pleasant surprise. Brown is coming off of 2 50+ point seasons in a row, and is the beating heart and soul of the Kings team. Those two aren't going to Arizona for some 25 point guy and a 5th round pick, that's terrible.

Blake Lizotte hasn't shown enough at the NHL/prospect level to be worth much, and Kovalchuk doesn't make sense for Arizona in terms of their rebuild/age group.

Martinez, as much as I'd like him to be, isn't worth a 1st rounder, due to his age. Probably a 2nd and a B+ prospect.

I don't know enough about the Ottawa prospects to even speculate on that, but I've NEVER been impressed with Anthony Duclair. I imagine there's a reason he's jumped around as much as he has. Besides, the Kings will look to get picks for Quick.

Carter is coming off of a terrible year where he had to rehab a tendon-tear. Two years ago, he led the team in points (2016-2017). My assumption is they hold onto him for this year, hoping he regains his health/scoring touch. He'll be looked at as a piece to maybe move at the deadline to a team that needs experience and scoring. Maybe Carolina? Florida? Hopefully somewhere on the East Coast.

Undervaluing Matt Luff a bit. He just put up 10+ goals as a rookie who didn't play for over half the season. I'd imagine he's worth a 2nd rounder.